Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Episode 1 of "Tiny & Toya"

Check out the very first episode of Tiny & Toya!! I must admit, I'm not sure what the show is goin to be about but being that I'm a reality show FREAK, I'll be watching!! Just from this first episode, I think I'm going to be a real fan of the show!! But I MUST admit, Tiny's voice is so extra annoying LOL. I love Toya's accent tho!!


Cherica said...

I like them both.. Tiny is just real. Toya is carrying a lot baggage. I truly can relate to them both. I will be watching. I need my own show

Brooke said...

can someone please suggest tiny hire a stylist..the ish is makin me mad as hell...all that dough..& u determind you gone be country

Cherica said...

leave tiny alone.. thats my girl.. she just real, and we all have some country in us.. But if she do want a stylist i am avl. lol

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