Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RiRi & The BFF

I was emailed these pics of RiRi and her BFF Melissa strolling around Venice recently.. Y'all know some people have been questioning RiRi's sexuality and these pics didnt help lol. Check em out.

Looks like fun!! I wish people would mind their own business and let people be who they are. They might just be the touchy feely type friends, the REALLY touchy feeling kind LOL.

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Pricilla Renea

Awwwwwwwww.. I was so excited and happy to see Pricilla as's Artist of The Week! I've been following this chic on YouTube since she first started and I think shes really talented. I remember showing my mom one of her first videos and my mom saying WTH is going on with the sound LOL. Well, look at her now!! Good luck Pricilla!

Check her out on her YouTube channel.. Here is one of my fave videos from her, its a remake of Drake.

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No Scrubs For Chilli

Well would ya look a'here!! According to FreddyO the new ATL hot couple is none other than Ms. Chilli and Floyd Mayweather!! HOT DAMN!! So much for this reality show she's supposedly working on. Freddy said while they were at some function where Chilli was giving out an award, she was calling Floyd "baby" all night.. Work it then Chilli. I think they make a pretty cute couple.

They look pretty smittened to me...

UPDATE: This is supposedly just a publicity stunt. Not at all shocking but seriously, who comes up with this ish? I guess any press is good press. But hey it worked, it got us talking about her and her upcoming show.

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Keeping Up With Khloe Kardashian

OK! Magazine didn't waste any time getting the Kardashian/Odom wedding on the cover. Hell, for 300G's I don't blame them LOL. Doesn't Lamar look funny with his head popping out the top? LOL. Anywho, check out what some of his teammates had to say about the wedding.

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Celebs Out & About-Just A Couple Of Morning Pics

Eve hit up the "Whip It" after party.. She was hugging up on everybody, I'm wondering if she was drunk or something LOL. You know how that oil will get ya.

J.Hud performing at the Netflix Screening of The Wiz

She is dropping that baby weight rather quickly

The future Mrs. Otunga told People about her new lil bundle of joy David Otunga, Jr.

“He’s the cutest thing in the world! There are no words for it. He’s the best. It’s just amazing – us discovering each other, me becoming a mom.”

“He seems like he’s very interested in music already. The other night he was having a fit screaming, and someone turns on the music and he just stops and calms down. And I was exactly the same way as a baby.”

I remember her mom saying that about her one time in an interview.. How sweet!

She doesn't talk much about her moms death but she spoke on her influence as a mother:

“I think she was a great example of being a mother, so when [my son] first got home, I was like, ‘Everything I do will be out of love,’ ” said Hudson. “That’s what drives me in the middle of the night when I’m knocked out sleeping and he wakes up.”

I'm happy for her! I cant wait to see a pic of the little guy.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Grieving Mother Speaks

Derrion's mother spoke to the news for the first time about the death of her son.

It hurt me almost as much watching her speak as it did to watch the video of him being killed. You can see the pain in this woman's eyes, PLEASE keep this family in your prayers.

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Suspects Arrested In Albert Murder

I'm sure everyone has heard about Derrion Albert (pictured above), the 16 year old that was beaten to death last week while walking home from school. Three boys have been arrested for beating the young student to death.

Derrion's little sister is seen here mourning the death of her big brother. I really hope this baby was not there when this happend.

Ms. Albert (middle) attends a memorial for her son. I can not imagine the amount of pain this woman must be in right now.

One of Derrion's classmates signing a poster in his memory

These are 3 of the bastards (that's the nicest thing I could think to call them) arrested and charged with his murder

The crime scene
The Tribune reports that "Riley and Fenger students Silvonus Shannon, 19, and Eric Carson, 16, were charged Monday with murder and ordered held without bail. Eugene Bailey, 18, was charged later Monday. A Cook County prosecutor said Albert's death was a result of a brawl between two neighborhood groups, one from the Altgeld Garden public housing complex and the other from the neighborhood known as the "Ville."
All this gang ish is and ALWAYS has been rather damn ignorant to me. If you're so tough, why do you have to involve several other individuals in your disputes? That's totally left of the fact that the shit is POINTLESS! I've heard some people say that they feel these boys should be given the death penalty. Personally, I don't believe in the death penalty.. We have no idea what goes on after this life, it could be much more pleasant than we think. Plus, taking a life is SUPPOSED to be GOD's job. What I believe in is TORTURE.. sorry, I know that sounds bad but that's just how I feel. I bet if we started doing like some of these other countries and taking "an eye for an eye" we wouldn't have so much of this ignorant BS going on. Our so called justice system allows some of these folks to get away with anything.. hell, and then they even lock up some of the innocent. But I would prefer for them to lock these mofos up for the REST OF THEIR LIVES, and treated as the animals that they are. If you TAKE a life, you should automatically GIVE yours!

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Al Sharpton & LisaRaye?

Seriously, this is something I NEVER thought I'd ever see LMAO.. Hell, look at Al's face in the pic above.. he cant even believe this ish himself ROFLMAO! My girl Natasha over at TheYBF is reporting that Al Sharpton and LisaRaye (BTW, both are still married to OTHER people) are a new couple. Check out what Tasha reported..

" A few weeks ago our source (a MAJOR publicist in the industry who shall remain nameless) told us that Al and LisaRaye–both barely divorced–are indeed together now. When we asked the obligatory “WTF?! Why?” The answer is because Lisa knows she’s not getting into any of these “society and political” events without a man who could bring her along. She’s also starved for media attention–surprise surprise–so Al is her “In” into that world. And Al–well he’s just happy to say he can have a chick that looks like LisaRaye on his arm and whose perm looks better than his. The two have been confusingly spotted at a few events together like the NAACP Image Awards and Michael Jackson’s memorial services…"

Y'all know Lisa is about that money honey.. She said it herself that her man has to have money cuz shes used to having nice things and buying diamonds and ish.. Can't wait to see what happens with this!!

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She Got It--Teyana Taylor Edition

Check out Teyana's moves, the girl is really good. I'm not sure why she isnt doing more than she is, shes really talented and already has a fan base. Anywho, check her out!

I like this song too..

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Cleveland Stand Up!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... This ish here is PURE COMEDY!!! Cleveland Mayor Eric Brew channeled his inner Diva and decided to dress in drag!! This boi is PO-SING baby LMAO... Check out the rest of the pics below.

Ya boi got on boy shorts and a bra.. WITH the sandy brown bobbed off wig LMAO

Smile for the camera Erica, oops.. I mean Eric

Maybe he's going to a Mayor's function (is that skirt VELVET?) LMAO

Sing with me.. "Toot that thang up mommy make it roll" HAAAA

I don't know about y'all.. but I know I'll be taking a look at these pics throughout the day for more laughs.. I'm too tickled off these LMAO.. Who is the photographer? Oh Jesus, this is too much!

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Weezy Celebrates His 27th B-Day

The world's coolest male Libra celebrated his 27th Bday a couple of days ago. Check out some of the pics below..

Even the cake is shining.. Who came up with this? LOL

Check the MILLION dollar watch Baby got him..

Baby's other gift was a tat of Weezy's birth date on his arm.. That's uhhh, nevermind LMAO

Chillin with D.Wade

Pics from Weezy's MySpace

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Tyrese & Ryan Leslie Hit 106

Yesterday on 106 the sexiness that is Tyrese stopped through to chill with Rocsi and Terrence. Ryan Leslie also came through.

Aight nah Tyrese..Those buttons look like they bout to POP

Ryan Leslie

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Mya On Dancing With The Stars

If you haven't been able to catch Mya on DWTS (like me) you can check her out here.. She did really well wish I figured she would. On another note.. Who the hell was that killing Mariah's song? LOL

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Teen Killed In Gang Fight

I just want to advise you all that this video is EXTREMELY difficult to watch. I'm sitting here with my hands to my mouth and tears in my eyes. This is video of a 16 year old student in Chicago being beaten to death by gang members while walking home from school. Derrion Albert was said to have been an honor roll student, very quiet and the type to keep to himself. He was not a gang member and yet was brutally beaten to death with a wooden board.

This is one of the reasons I'm afraid to have children! No matter how well you might raise your child and how much you try to protect them, it is sometimes impossible to shield them from other immoral animals living in human body's. This makes me wonder about the parents of these other "children". How could they actually bring themselves to beat this child like this? Personally, even if I had it in me to do something like that as a child (which I didnt).. knowing that my parents would beat the hell out of me when they found out would have kept me from participating in something like this. It just hurt my heart to hear those other children screaming "Derrion please get up".. This ish is beyond out of control and it mos def starts at home!

R.I.P. Derrion and my heart and prayers truly go out to his family and friends!

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Mashonda Goes In On Alicia Keys

Well DAMN is all I have to say! I was headed to work this morning and heard one of the radio personalities reading a letter from Mashonda to Ms. Keys, so of course I had to come find it. Mashonda did this via Twitter and she mos def let it RIP! Check out the letter below.

Check MORE DISH for the rest of the letter

I have to be honest and say that I totally feel Mashonda! No matter how much I love Alicia I have to admit that ole girl has a point. Now, we all do wrong so I'm in no way judging Alicia and I feel for her situation also. Even though she was wrong I know that as humans, we all sometimes fall into situations that we NEVER MEANT TO HAPPEN. I hope that Alicia actually contacts Mashonda before she puts ALL their damn business out in the streets. They live their lives in the public eye already so this is just giving us ALL the inside scoop. Woman up Alicia and make that call, I would advise that for anybody in this situation.

While I'm sure Alicia is hurting about what happened she has to realize what she did and how she added fuel to an already burning flame. No matter how much she might love Swizz, she IS NOT HIS WIFE, period! It's easy for the mistress (sorry Licia, but that's what you were) to ignore the feelings of the wife but you have to realize that she is a woman too. She feels and hurts the same way you do, probably more! No matter what you might say, its obvious that you don't care about the wife's feelings, otherwise you would stop screwing her husband. Or AT THE VERY LEAST have him to make a decision and be with one or the other. I really hope they work this out, if not for themselves.. at least for the baby involved.. One word of advise to Ms. Keys "God won't bless a mess"... Work that out chic!!

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B.Scott & Kandi Inteview - Part 2

I think I'm going to love watching B.Scott's new show! I'm glad he's doing his thing and oh so proud of him. Anywho, Kandi did what she set out to do cuz I've said before that she is somebody I could probably kick it with LOL. I was tripping the other night when she was about to pop off on NeNe, you can tell she is mos def NOT GOING!

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Kardashian/Odom Wedding & Rehearsal

After a world wind MONTH long romance, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom finally got hitched yesterday evening in Beverly Hills! Khloe walked the aisle in Vera Wang and I must say she looked fab. You've seen everyone of her bridesmaids on T.V. before (pictured above), they included all of her sisters (I'm not naming all of em), twin sisters Malika and Khadijah Haqq and Lauren London (all from the movie ATL).

We'll all get to see the wedding and all 250 guests on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians", I love that show! Pretty much everything was filmed by the crew so we'll get to see all the planning (since it was done in a couple of weeks) and partying that led up to the big day.

Check MORE DISH for pics from the wedding AND the rehearsal

Kobe & Vanessa Bryant

Babyface & his chic.. He sang at the wedding!

Adrian was there in a STUNNING blue dress

LaLa came to support.. Wonder when they'll finally have their wedding? I'm sure it'll be fab!

Rehearsal Pics

CONGRATS to the new couple. I bet Khole is going to be hilarious as a wife LOL.

Pics swiped from TheYBF and Bossip

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Angelina.. You Play Too Much

I was over at and saw these pics of Angelina and her two little ladies Zahara and Shiloh. While Sandra was during her usual rants and raves, questioning the sexuality of a damn 2 year old *side eye*, I am questioning something MUCH MORE IMPORTANT. What I wanna know is WHO THE HELL IS COMBING ZAHARA'S HAIR? She is such a cutie pie but OMG, do something with that mess. I mean damn, I'm ALL for the natural look but can you AT LEAST rub some Pink Oil Moisturizer through that child's head? Hell, you can hire me to come through and comb her hair on a daily (I wouldn't charge THAT much LOL). I just had to address this issue because its starting to get a bit out of hand. Now, I hope nobody tries to down Angelina and say she's doing this because Zahara really isn't her baby. Besides, look how she has Shiloh dressed.. its equivalent to Baby Z's hair situation LMAO.

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ARE YOU SERIOUS?! (In my Neffie Voice)

Freddyo is always in the building catching some BS that goes down LMAO. He got video footage of some Trey Songz fans actually tusseling over a T-Shirt he apparently threw into the crowd. Just look at this ish.

Really? Thats how they cutting up about a damn Trey Songz T-Shirt? Granted, I think dude is sexy as hell but AINT NO WAY I'd be out there clowning like that about a freaking T-Shirt. Besides,not-nan-a-one of they wide backs woulda fit into lil ole Trey's shirt.. I'm just saying LMAO...

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The Roc Hits Rehab

Can't say that I saw this one coming, but I think it is just what the doctor ordered. Reports are popping up that Kanye will be going to rehab soon. We all know he's been having trouble dealing with his mothers sudden death in 2007 and word is he's been using the booze to help soothe the pain. Here's the scoop from

Rumor has it Kanye is considering checking into rehab! According to Star, Kanye has been boozing ever since his mother Donda died one day after receiving a tummy tuck in November 2007. An insider tells the mag, “His drinking is getting worse — and when he has too much, he can be mean and obnoxious. If he doesn’t get help soon, things could really spiral out of control.”Apparently he’s planning on checking in after his Fame Kills tour with Lady Gaga wraps up in January. “Kanye’s afraid to go to rehab, but he knows he needs help and is taking steps in the right direction.” In addition, our Hollyscoop spies witnessed Kanye at Hollywood hotspot Capitol City on September 22nd when he attended Seth MacFarlane’.

We've witnessed him showing out on that oil so I'll admit that this could help him tremendously. I like Kanye and I hope this allows him the time and PRIVACY he needs to do some REAL mourning. He hasn't been able to do so which has probably contributed to some of his tomfoolery azz actions. Stay off that Henny dude, brown brings ya down LOL. Good luck Ye'.

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