Friday, July 31, 2009

Please Don't Blow Up Oprah

Chicago police were outside of Harpo Studios investigating a "suspicious package" that was left near the premises this morning. Cops say that the Chicago Bomb and Arson Unit were investigating a backpack with wires hanging out of it, the backpack was found around 6.AM. Around 9:20 AM the backpack was found to be harmless and the cops left the scene. PLEASE don't play about blowing up Ophrey. Even though the studio was not evacuated I'm sure it was a bit of a scare for everybody. Glad that turned out okay.

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Rosci Speaks On Anorexia

Things got deep on 106&Park yesterday when Rocsi talked about her battle with Anorexia. I'm glad she got through those times alright. Check it out.

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Em Shot Off, New Diss Record-Warning

Eminem clean shot off on Mariah Carey. He recorded a response/diss record called Warning and got clean in ole girls ass! Although Obsessed is bumping, I bet she wish she would've just STFU! Everybody knows Eminem is crazy as hell and she just added fuel to an open flame. I wonder if she'll record another record, I hope she just lets it go cuz I doubt he wil. Em went hard and I'm too tickled at the chic in the song sounding like Mariah ROFLMAO. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Oh Stephon caught up with Stephon Marbury and asked about his recent shenanigans. Check out what he had to say.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, dude said "I would go to Italy first, cuz when I said about going over seas people said I was crazy. Now 3 years later." WE SAYING YOU CRAZY AGAIN STEPHON LMAO. This baby has lost his mind forreal, or hell. Maybe he's been this crazy and he just now decided to showcase it on Ustream. I doubt very seriously that ESPN is going to show Stephon's suggested "hour of highlights" so I guess we can get ready to see him for the next 365 days LMAO. PURE COMEDY!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trey Songz Interview

Trey Songz is one sexy guy to me (every since he cut those braids) and he seems to be pretty down to earth (based off Twitter). Anywho, Trey chilled with Honey Magazine and gave them a rather sexy interview. He talked about his love of porn and even about catching an STD. He also tells the difference in a chic you make your girl or one that's just a jump off. Check it out.

Let's jump right in it. You are a proud supporter of porn?
Yeah. I think porn is cool.

What's your favorite type?
I think that porn is a way to broaden your horizons as far as sex is concerned. I remember when I first started watching porn my favorite porn star was Lacey Duvalle, Lindy Foxx, and I like the free will of porn all in itself.

But some things look better than they feel.
Yea there are some things that happen in porn that some girls can never do in real life (laughs), you know what I mean, unless they are porn stars. I think that’s the cool part about it. It’s like ‘damn, that’s crazy.’

With all this sex, you ever take a trip to the clinic?

You ever got anything before?
When I was like 16 or 17, this girl gave me crabs. It was the most uncomfortable shit in the world. I was confused because ain't nobody know I was having sex. So I was like dam what the fuck is going on? I even had to cut all my hair off and I had to eventually tell somebody. And had to go to the doctor.

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Loso's Way Release Party

Fabolous had his release party for Loso's Way yesterday at Hiro Ballroom (The Maritime Hotel) in NYC. Check out some pics below.

Fab looked nice

Lil Momma came through looking... THIS! I wish she would admit to being 47 already and sit her a$$ down

LeToya Luckett & Lil Grandmomma, I mean Momma

Khole Kardashian & Adrienne Bailon

Julito McCullum (from The Wire), Murda Mook, & Knight

I don't know whats up with some people these days LOL. These are "The Retro Kids"

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Joe's Jabbing Again

Joe Jackson is just so freaking camera happy! He'll say anything as long as it gives him a reason to be seen. In an interview with TV One, Joe Jackson is speaking out about Omer Bhatti, the supposed 25 year old love child of his son Michael.

Yes Joe, Omer could pass for a Jackson (after surgery maybe). I do not believe for one second that Omer is Michael's child. The way Michael LOVED the two that weren't even biologically his, I doubt that he would have hidden his own child. Plus according to Omer said himself that he is NOT Michael's son. Lot's of people were quick to believe the story because Omer was seated with the family at the M.J. Memorial. Omer stated that he was given a front row seat at the memorial because he was Michael's "best friend" and "like a son to him" not because his mother had an affair with him in 1984. Now I don't know about the rest of y'all, but if I were Michael's child I sure as hell wouldn't be lying about it LOL.

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NeNe & Kandi Have It Out

I'm so glad that tonight is the premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta because I'm ready for the drama. NeNe and Kandi are straight going at it on V-103. Check out the clip below, BTW the sound sucks so just roll wit it LOL.

Wait a minute! Y'all too damn old to be arguing like this, ESPECIALLY on the radio! I'm trying to understand how Kandi is just coming in and already involved in drama. Personally, I think it sounds like NeNe may have just decided to throw drama Kandi's way to get more camera time and publicity. I mean think about it, which one was actually AT the radio station and who was calling in? I'm just saying....

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Nicki Minaj

For those of you that are my FB friends y'all already know that I dig the hell out of Nicki Minaj. She and Foxy Brown did an interview with Doggie Diamond. Check out what she had to say about how Foxy welcomed her into the rap game. Plus, she talks about turning Foxy out. Y'all already know how Nicki gets down LOL. Check the video here.

Nicki Minaj Says She Wants To Turn Foxy Brown Out

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reggie Bush & Kim K. Update

Word on the street is that infidelity is what really led to the break up of Reggie and Kim. I'm sure that the conflicting schedules and distance had a great deal to with their problems but when mofo's start dipping out with other people, that time is def gonna get cut even shorter. Well, just cuz Reggie plays the field in his career doesn't mean he does it in real life. Supposedly, it was Kim that played Reggie and had an affair. Hmmm, I'm just trying to think of a dumber move she could've pulled and I'm not coming up with anything. Oh well.

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I'm sure you all have heard Tiny mention (like a million times) her new group, The OMG Girls. Well, the group had their FIRST LIVE performance this past weekend at the South Dekalb Mall in Atlanta. I saw the video of these guys singing to Tiny and Toya on YouTube but I was wondering why LOL. Guess they wanted to join in with all the other singing. Check the pics and video below.

The OMG Girls

Reginae already signing autographs

The proud moms & reality stars... Tiny & Toya

Showing off The OMG Girls pics

Tiny & her daughter Zonnique

One question.. WHO THE HELL IS THEIR STYLIST? I want them FIRED! My guess is Kesha (the one in those purple tights)

Kandi came out to show her support and brought her daughter Riley. They (Tiny & Kandi) seem to be so supportive of one another

I'm really anxious to see what these girls sound like. What about y'all?

Pics via

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ATL Houswives

The Unmarried Housewives of Atlanta premiere party went down last night in Atlanta at the W Hotel. Lots of people came through to show their support. Check the pics below.

The ladies looked nice (other than that ish on Sheree's head). Kandi is rocking the same shorts Rocsi had on at BET's Rising Icon party.

It's been a minute since we've seen Tweet out, she's looking good. OMG, Derek J. is doing too much! Bedazzled tube top, leopard/zebra shorts and liquid bedazzled tights? OMG

Since Kim brought her daughters out I'm ASSUMING this is Kandi's little girl Riley. She's a cutie

This has GOTS to be Momma NeNe. Got damn she looks just like this lady!

This chic right here KNOW she wrong for this ish

Tiny & Toya came through to support Kandi of course

Wait.. at a closer look I think those are bedazzled BOOTS! *SMH*

Pics via

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I Can't WAIT For Houswives Of ATL

This ish here looks like its going to be drama filled this season LOL. Check out Sheree getting real hood fabulous with her party planner. I'm not sure what all caused this but I will say that planning a party is super stressful so I know how it can bring out the inner b**** LOL.

Yo momma's a bitch! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, too funny!

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Shaq In The Big Show

First Punk is wrestling, now Shaq! Monday night Shaq stepped into the ring at the WWE Monday Night Raw Show. Check out the video.

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Teyana Taylor Is Lil Kim

Teyana is one silly chic LOL. She and a couple of her friends had fun acting like Lil Kim and Junior M.A.F.I.A. Did they really have to take Kim's wig off and say thats what Cease did to her in court? LOL

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Katherine Jackson Finally Speaks

Katherine Jackson is finally speaking out about Michael's estate. Her lawyer Londell McMillian released the statement for Katherine who is Michael's estate executor. Read the statement below.

Mrs. Jackson continues to serve as her son’s most trusted and loyal advocate even in death. In an effort to gain more facts concerning a suspicious circle of relationships, unnotarized will and an undisclosed trust, both drafted in 2002, which grant the executors and trustees thereunder very broad powers, Mrs Jackson has sought formal discovery of the temporary special administrators of her son’s estate. The Court has made clear that it will consider Mrs. Jackson’s demand for expedited discovery, and all other serious issues relating to the estate, on August 3rd. We are confident that at that time the court will allow Mrs Jackson full discovery.

To be clear, neither Mrs. Jackson nor her representatives seek to re-write her son’s will. Her concerns are and remain the welfare of her son’s surviving children, the preservation of his legacy and the protection of his estate. Unfortunately, and contrary to their public statements, lawyers for John Branca and John McClain have either denied Mrs. Jackson access to critical information or insisted on such onerous and unreasonable restrictions on her access to and use of such information as to be tantamount to an outright refusal of certain agreements, such as the AEG agreement . The contract in question is of great potential significance to the estate, and the matters currently before the Probate Court, and yet the confidentiality terms presented to Mrs. Jackson by the temporary special administrators and AEG would have required her to accept greater confidentiality obligations than the temporary special administrators and greater than what her son agreed. This was unacceptable. Such unreasonable demands, coupled with the special administrators’ apparent concern for protecting AEG at the
expense of Mrs. Jackson raise serious concerns. Mrs. Jackson is looking for transparency in terms of the administration of her son’s estate. Because this transparency has not been forthcoming, she was forced to resort to making formal discovery requests. Such measures will not be necessary if Mrs. Jackson is appointed a co-executor of the estate.‬ She was the only person who served as a trustee and/or co-manager of Michael’s business interests at the time of his death and over the past four years. The will expressly allows for an appointment of the vacated third member. No one should deny Mrs Jackson the right to help preserve and administer Michael’s legacy especially those whom had almost no contact with Michael for numerous years prior to his death.
I'm starting to think they are NEVER going to leave this man alone, even in death. I'm still praying for this family, LORD knows they're going to need it.

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Everybody Hit Up 106 Yesterday

Yesterday was the release of Fabolous' new album Loso's Way. He stopped through 106 & Park to talk about the album and hit the stage.

Neyo took a mug with him on stage (maybe it was hot tea). Hey, whatever keeps you from crying dude.

You know Dream's girl Christina wasnt far behind

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Tiny, Toya & Kandi

This is why their show had 2.7 MILLION views LOL. They are straight kicking it at their premier party that took place at the beginning of July. They seem to be some really cool ladies. Putting Kandi on ATL HW was a good look, I've never tuned in before but I will most def be catching every show this season. Kandi almost did a full out interview on Tiny LOL. She even had Tiny tell us why Xscape REALLY broke up. Check out the video below. BTW, who the hell tried to sue Toya? LMAO

Awwww man, no Xscape reunion for us!! I think its cool that Tiny and Kandi are still good friends. It's hard to find genuine people these days so I'm sure its even harder in the industry.

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Rihanna Out & About In NYC

Rihanna was spotted out dining in NYC's Cipriani yesterday. Check out the pics below.

Ms. Fenty sure is smiling a lot more lately! Maybe it's whatever that was in the champagne glass LOL.

Pics via

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Need This Dude To Find Something To Do

This Stephon Marbury has gots to be on some type of drugs. The NBA should pop a drug test on him for this BS he's been pulling recently LOL. Now he's on YouTube eating VASELINE! Where they do THAT at? Po thang LMAO. Check out the video.

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Dusty Feet Please Don't Bother Me

Christina know she wrong for this ish. This is Dream and Christina leaving the BET's Rising Icons party in NY. So you just walk around barefoot like that? I don't know what she was thinking, maybe it was too much of the Goose. Every lady knows that no matter if your foot has to be amputated later, you MUST keep your shoes on until you get to the car. You do NOT remove your shoes (especially Christian Louboutin) until you're out of site and out of mind! Dream could've at least carried her to the car OMG. Then she had the nerve to put on some socks ROFL.

Pics via

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Stephon Marbury Crying Video & Lil Duval's Response Video

If you haven't seen the Stephon Marbury crying video you HAVE to check it out! I'm not even gonna front, I was sitting here wondering WTF is going on with dude ROFLMAO. My thing is this.. even if you are having a "come to Christ" moment, what's the point of going out your way to record it and put it on YouTube? I can feel you getting choked up off this song, hell I never make it through listening to it w/o shedding a tear but DUDE. COME ON! This was just way too much, check out the video here ROFLMAO.

Now, if you follow Lil Duval on Twitter you already know how IGNORANT this man is ROFLMAO! Check out his response video that he posted on YouTube LOL.

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Chris Brown Out & About

Chris was spotted out in New York yesterday. Chris and The Chris Brown All-Stars played against DJ Webster's All Star's in the Entertainers Basketball Classic at Harlem's Rucker Park. Wish I could've been at that game LOL. Check out the pics below.

Chris kicked it with NYPD before the game

Playing around before the game got started

Suited up

Looks like he played his lil heart out LOL

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Grey Goose Entertainment & BET Present "Rising Icons"

BET's Rising Star premiere party looked to have been a hit. Grey Goose teamed up with BET to throw a great party. Celebs came out to show their support for the new show. Check out some pics below.

Of course 106 & Park host Rocsi and Terrence J. were in the building

Christina & Dream were booed up (AS USUAL)

Wale & Keri Hilson chilled at the party

I see Grey Goose kept the party going LOL

Well wait a minute Terrence LOL. Goose got you loose? LMAO

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Can't Say I'm Heartbroken About This One

Only a few weeks after coming back from their trip to S.Africa, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have reportedly split up. According to US Weekly

“Nobody cheated. This is just a case of conflicting schedules and their lives going in different directions. It was a totally mutual decision.”

I wonder WTF really happened with this. I mean there haven't even been any "break up rumors" just straight to the breakup. Well, I'm glad he's back on the market, she had him for too long LOL! This man is ultra sexy and I need him back on our team if you know what I mean, even if it's just for a little while :-)

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Technical Difficulties

Okay my faithful readers.. I love y'all and so appreciate your support. Thanks for the heads up on the newest news too. Just want to let y'all know that I'm having problems out of my wireless router at home so it's hard for me to update in the evenings. I'll be taking care of it by the end of the week so bare with me. I may be a little late with my updates but believe that it's most def coming. And again, please continue to send any info that you see to me, it's is GREATLY appreciate. Now, on to the gossip! Smooches

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Chris Brown Come Back

You know what.. it really amazes me how people of OTHER races can easily forgive and forget. As hard as we (black people) have it in society, it seems that we would stick together just a bit more. If you notice in the media, people of other races can do something illegal (or just ignorant) and yea, they get dissed for a while but then they are right back at whatever it is that they do. For example, Kate Moss is richer now than she was before they caught her with the cocaine! Then we have Chris Brown, his altercation with Rihanna was months ago. Although he has been sentenced for those actions we still have stations such as BET that wont even allow the man to perform at their award shows. Some black radio stations are still refusing to play his music or promote his albums, I think its STUPID! Check out this video of a wedding party coming down that aisle to Chris' music. It's crazy that others are puttting him back on more than we are. I thought this was really cute BTW.

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Obsessed? No, I'm UPSET!

Okay, the first time this ish was funny. Now I'm just scared as hell. I want somebody to go get that poor little dog cuz I think dude aint right (MENTALLY that is) LMAO. I'm hesitant to say anything but I'm so confused right now y'all. Who the hell applied this makeup? He got a new lil hair cut and think he on LMAO! I just wanna know why he had to jump at us like that at the 2:16 mark OMG!!! Go Pedro, do you boo! At least he wasnt singing this time around LMAO.

He aint shame bout that grill either baby. He got close ups out the a$$ LMAO (check the 2:38 mark, HILARIOUS)! WOW!!

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Tiny & Toya Still Partying

These chics STAY on the scene. I don't blame them though, TIP won't let Tiny work and Toya just doesn't so what else is there to do LOL? Well, I guess being out on the scene is something like their job. Besides, we love to look at them every week on the show so maybe they figured they'd let people see more of them out and about. Speaking of which, their show is one of the top shows on TV right now. I'm not at all shocked because I LOVE me some reality TV. Even with Tiny's voice piercing my ears, I have to tune in and see what's going on with these two every week. Check out some pics of them partying at club Pure in Atlanta last week.

Tiny is a "less is more" kinda girl. When she doesn't try to wear tons of makeup and hair she looks so much better!

Tiny & Toya both looked cute, Diamond.. uhhh, nevermind.

These ladies must really be getting big. According to there was an altercation between photographers (FreddyO & Prince) about who was getting what pictures at the club this night LOL. I think that is hella funny ROFL!

Pics via

BTW, I know I for one have been wondering where they get some of their gear. So of course I had to research for y'all and give you the scoop. I found out that these two spend plenty of money in Sky Boutique in ATL! Check out these sets from the boutique below.


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