Friday, October 29, 2010

Kanye's Peen Pic Released!!

Oh wow!! This is why I don't snap pics of my glory FOR ANY REASON, SMH!  A while back some people were shopping around peen pics of Kanye and I thought it was just a scam.  From this pic here, looks like it wasn't.  Since I don't purchase pics (other than thru Wire Images) I'll just direct you to where you can find it!

Click here, it's obviously NSFW!!

Sooooooooo... thoughts? LOL

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Janet Jackson Visits 106 & Park

Ms. Jackson stopped thru 106 yesterday.  She was there to promote her new Tyler Perry movie,  For Colored Girls.   Check out a few pics.

I like the short hair on her, I wasn't feeling it at first but I can dig it. Anywho, even after some surgery Janet still looks a lot like her "Penny" days!  She looks GOOD!  I can't wait to see her in the new movie, it looks like it's a powerful role.  She did a SUPERB job in Why Did I Get Married Too so I'm anxious to see her play more demanding roles.  I love the part they showed in the trailer when she says "I've got sorry greeting me at the front door, you can keep yours."  For Colored Girls hits theaters November 5th.  Check MORE DISH  for the trailer.

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New Music Video: Kandi "Leave U"

I like Kandi and I love her style. I'm not in love with the song but I do like it.  I can already hear myself singing it, LOL. Your thoughts on the song/video?

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two Avatar Sequels In The Works

I can't say that I didn't see this one coming.  James Cameron is working on new scripts for two follow up movies for the biggest movie ever, Avatar.  This movie beat out Titanic in box office sales, reaching over 1.8 BILLION DOLLARS.  I never got to see it in the theaters because it was sold out EVERY TIME I tried to go, I eventually gave up LOL.  When I finally saw it I understood what all the fuss was about, I absolutely LOVED IT!

Cameron will start working on the projects in the beginning of 2011 and plans to have the first follow up in theaters by 2014.  I'm anxious to see how the characters have grown from the first movie.  I will MOST DEF get to the theaters for the sequels, LOL.  Check here to read more about what to expect.

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New Music Video: Rick Kid Shawty Ft. T.I. "Get Yo Girl"

I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO love this song, LOL. Tip is sexy and cool as hell in this video, OMG.

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Mariah Carey Is Gonna Be A Mommy!! She CONFIRMS Pregnancy

I'm so happy for Mariah!!! She finally confirmed that she and her hubby Nick are expecting their first baby!! Am I the only one still tripping that Nick Cannon married Mariah freaking Carey, LOL?! Anywho, I'm glad they kept this to themselves for a while.  Just because they are public figures doesn't mean they have to tell us all of their business.  CONGRATS to them both and I pray that they have a healthy baby!

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Alicia Keys On Motherhood... She "Feels A Song Coming On"

Alicia Keys took to her website and blogged about her newest and greatest joy, her son Egypt.  Check it out.

Every moment is beautiful; delicious even! Every moment I'm learning and living in a way I never have before. Being present in a way I never have before. Existing in moments I never have before.

Never have I felt so calm, so purposeful in taking the time to truly observe the world around me, to live in it fully and watch it, discuss it, put time toward it. It feels really incredible - so peaceful, so complete and long overdue.

I'm grown, I'm confident, I'm secure, and so blessed to be these things.

Check MORE DISH for the rest of "I Feel A Song Coming On"

I'm most enamored with anatomy at this point. The miracle of the human body. The ability to create all these small amazing machines of veins, capillaries, digestive systems, eyes, ears and noses. I can spend HOURS looking at one little EAR! Have u ever noticed how complex just an ear is? A tiny maze of art. It may sound silly but it's so true. Or a heartbeat? Everyday we wake up and in some way, take for granted the fact that this beautiful pulsating organ in our body is the reason, and yet now that's all I can think of...

And breath; invisible as it may be, how necessary!

Ain't it true that things we really can't see are of the greatest importance?

I've never seen a more beautiful face in my LIFE! The most perfect eyes and beautiful nose, the sweetest lips and skin so soft and kissable!

Never have I felt such disbelief, such awe, humility, godliness, such strength, power and possibility.

I've never believed in greatness and the never ending Higher Power more than now!

And I can't believe he's mine!

Oooh! I feel a song coming on...

This is beautiful... I can't wait to experience the joys of motherhood. I bet I'll be just as amazed at an ear as Alicia, LOL.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Music Video: Nicki Minaj "Right Thru Me"

Love Nicki, the song and the video..hate that lacefront!! #thatisall

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New Music Video: Nicki Minaj Ft. Will.I.Am "Check It Out"

You all know I've been waiting on this video. Check it out!!

"Competition why yes I would love some".... LOVE IT!! What do y'all think about the video?

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Antoine Dotson Sex Offender App... HILARIOUS!!

Well, you have to give to him. He is getting paid behind this madness, LMBO.

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Did Kim Put Reggie On Blast?

Last night's finale episode of "Keepin Up With The Kardashians" was really good.  Their family looks like they have so much fun together.  While I really enjoyed the family interaction, I also enjoyed Kim's interaction with her ex, Reggie Bush.  As I watched I wondered how Reggie would feel about her airing their conversations.  Although we didn't hear Reggie speak much, the clips still made him come off as an angry ex.  Check out the clips below.

Hmmmmmmm, I wonder what really went down between the two of them.  Reggie took to his Twitter after the show aired and subliminally tweeted that she didn't want him to tell the things he knew about her.  Although it made great T.V., I think she should have left Reggie's convos out of it.  This could just start up some unnecessary BS.

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New (Music) Video: Kanye West "Runaway"


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Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Baby For Bey & Jay

Yesterday everyone was hype about the "confirmation" of Beyonce' and Jay Z's pregnancy.  Although I reported it, I didn't really believe it.  I mean come on, Bey has been "pregnant" about a million times already LOL.  Ms. Tina, Bey's mom shut the latest pregnancy rumor down on Ellen yesterday.  Beyonce' is NOT pregnant.  It's funny how people REALLY believe things that the media says.  A friend of mine argued me DOWN yesterday that this was true because they said it on 106 & Park.  I was too tickled when she said "they usually tell the truth tho, when they said M.J. was dead it was true."   I was like "what media source would  just lie about M.J. being dead" LOL.  Anywho, yet again this baby rumor for the Carter's is just that.. A RUMOR!! Next..............

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is There A Baby Carter On The Way?

US Weekly is reporting that the Carter's are expecting their first child.  Although sources say Beyonce' is excited about becoming a new mom, she was very shocked to find out that she was preggo.  We all know how much Bey loves to work, she was hoping to work on getting out her new album and touring, but this changes things.  No confirmation from either Jay or Bey as of yet, but I'm waiting to see a baby bump.  If it's true, congrats to the couple.  If it isn't, I hope they are working on making it true, LOL.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

T.I. Speaks On Substance Abuse Problems & Going Back To Jail

T.I. stopped by the Ryan Cameron Show at V-103 and spoke about his upcoming 11 month stay in prison. Johnathan, the young man that attempted to jump from that very same building a short while ago joined him in the studio.

As everyone knows, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. We're just lucky that we don't have to live ours publicly. Yes,  Tip made a DUMB AZZ decision and it's obvious that he knows how dumb it was. I hope when he comes home after this stay, he'll have really learned his lesson. Tip has 2 weeks to turn himself in.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

New Music Video - Willow Smith "Whip My Hair"

We've all been waiting for it (I know I have, LOL).  And it was worth the wait, you better WERK, Ms. Willow!! Check it out....

video snatched from

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Alicia Keys Gives Birth

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz welcomed their first child into the world last week. They couple named their son,  Egypt Daoud Dean.  Congrats to the couple and welcome to baby Egypt.

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New Music Video - Lil P-Nut "You Might Be The One"

Lil P-Nut recently interviewed with DJ Vlad, take a look below.

Check MORE DISH to see Lil P-Nut's video for "You Might Be The One"

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Tip Headed Back To Jail For 11 Months - Pics Leaving Courthouse

I'm sure everyone has heard by now that the judge revoked T.I.'s probation and sentenced him to serve 11 months in jail. While that seems like a long time, it's actually a blessing cuz Tip could have been gone for a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time behind this BS

 Tiny walked in with a little bit of a smile on her face.. unfortunately, she didn't leave that way.

Check MORE DISH for more pics

Monica helps a distraught Tiny out of the courtroom. I can only imagine her eyes behind those shades.

I know they wish they could just undo that entire night, SMH!!

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Guess Who Might Be Engaged!!!

Well congrats may be in order for one great looking couple. I say "may" because although the twitpic shows a HUGE ring, there has been no confirmations from either party involved.

Check MORE DISH to see who this beautiful ring belongs to!!!

Awwwwww, how sweet!! Monica and her boyfriend Shannon Brown might actually make the "Love All Over Me" video a reality.  That would be such a cool story to tell their children. ;)


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Friday, October 15, 2010

Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" Album Cover

Uhhhhhhh, yea... That's Ms. Minaj for ya.  Extra long legs and no arms? Whatever, can't wait for the album.

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Kat Stacks Interview On Hot 107.9

This Kat Stacks interview with JNicks and EtCali of Hot V107.9 helps us to understand a little bit more about her. This is some sad sh*t, SMH.

Check MORE DISH for the last part of the interview

I was wondering if/when she was going to realize that these guys (along with the rest of the world) were laughing AT HER and not WITH HER! Like I've said before, her story really makes you want to feel bad for her. However, when she spazzes out acting a fool, you can't really sympathize with that type of stupidity.

SN: I had to laugh when that fool told dude she hopes he comes back in his second life as a pimp's hoe, ROFLMAO!!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Music Video: Rick Ross Ft. Chrisette Michele and Drake "Aston Martin Music"

This song, this video...just made me want this cd. "Aston Martin Music" is the 3rd single off "Teflon Don" and I LOVE IT!! Chrisette's voice is so smooth and beautiful, she's rocking that hair BTW.  I'm waiting on her to release another album, she needs to make that happen soon!
SN: I love Drake's M-Town shout out!!

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Miner Emerges To Mistress

See..this right here is that BS!! Dude has been underground for 69 days and asked to have his wife AND his mistress at the top when he was rescued. I just think that was hella disrespectful. They say that the mistress has been in his life for 10 years. SO WHAT, YOU ARE THE MISTRESS! If he had you playing 2nd for 10 years, why couldn't she stay in her role and see him SECOND? I promise I don't understand people's thought pattern. I know one thing, he would have been the 21st miner to come out the hole, and the 1st to get knocked back down in it. SMH

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Magazine Covers: Kandi In Sister 2 Sister & Monica In Essecene Hair

Check out these hot covers!! Kandi looks great on the cover of Sister 2 Sister Magazine.  I have to find this issue ASAP... did she date Gerald Levert or something?  I'm also curious about this show Saaphyri is getting.  I was just thinking about her the other day and wondering if she was still in jail.  I guess she's out and she looks to have lost a lot of weight while she was there.

Monica is on the cover of Essence Hair and I'm digging this pic too.  They picked the perfect person for the cover, Monica always has great hair.

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T.I. Saving Lives... No, Literally!!

Recently, there has been hella bad news in the media regarding rapper/actor, T.I.  Today he's in the news again and it's not for anything negative.  Yesterday, Tip actually saved a young man's life in Atlanta.  TMZ is reporting that a man was on top of a 22 story building threatening to jump to his death, just so happens that Ryan Cameron's Radio Show, V103 is in the same building.  Tip heard about the situation while listening to V103 and called Ryan to see if he could help.  Ryan suggested that he come down, once Tip got to the station, he recorded a message for the cops to play for the guy.  Whatever he said in the video, it was enough to get the guy off the ledge.

Some are speculating that this was a publicity stunt and that Tip's trying to come up with any good deeds to mention to the judge in his upcoming court appearance.  That's bull, who would think of all this just for that? LOL.  Anywho, that was a great thing that Mr. Harris did.  He could have heard about the situation and continued on with his day.  Instead he stopped what he was doing and actually saved a life, that's hot sh*t!!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Antoine Dotson Performed At Hip Hop Awards

Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - More video blogs and vloggers.

***BLANK STARE**** Really? I blame America... you all create this madness, SMH!

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Freestyle Cypher... Rev Run, Ice Cube and Sons

So yesterday when I got home from work I had my first "red box night." I've been looking for "Karate Kid" and "Stomp the Yard 2" for over a week, so I was super excited when I finally found them. With that said, I totally forgot about BET's Hip Hop Awards show, SMH. I searched the guide to see if it was coming back on last night but nope, I guess I'll have to wait a few days to see it. Of course there are clips all over the Internet of different performances... this one here, is the best I've seen yet. Check out hip hop royalty Rev Run, Ice Cube and their sons in the Cypher.

Okay....that was super tight, I love it! I can't believe how big (and cute) Diggy has gotten.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nashville Teacher Breaks Down In The Classroom

This video was captured by a Nashville high school student. A teacher was caught spazzing out on his students. Check the video.

Wow... dude was super hot! Seems to me like the children would have just shut the hell up when he asked them to, they can be so disrespectful! The teacher is currently on leave, thank GOD. It's obvious he needs some time to himself. According to the news, the teacher has been working at the school for 17 years and has been telling the children that he's been dealing with a lot in his personal life. This is scary as hell, glad it didn't go any further.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess How Much Time Tip's Probation Officer Suggested He Receive

So... we all heard that Tip would have to face the judge for his most recent arrest.  Well, his probation officer suggested to the court that Tip serve between 5 to 11 months in jail for violating his probation.  I bet the judge looked at that P.O. the same way Tip is looking at us in the above pic, LOL.  The hearing is set for October 15th, I'll let you know what the judge decides then.

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New Music Video - Ciara "Gimme Dat"

Personally, I LOVE that video. Your thoughts?

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Video Dish.... Deelishus Shows Her Hot Toddy Moves

Check out this video of Deelishus (Flavor of Love) getting down to Usher's "Hot Toddy."

Throughout this entire video I was thinking...damn she looks good, didn't she just have a baby, she bounced right back AND, what's the purpose of this video LOL. Well, she's promoting a new calendar that's due out in 2011. Deelishus has always been a pretty girl, those big dimples are too cute on her. Her hair is always pretty and her teeth are beautiful, whoever fixed em did a bomb job.

Jamie Foxx says Kat Stacks is "ghetto hood wifey", WTF?

Really, Jamie??? You think Kat Stacks is "ghetto hood wifey?" Boy, STOP!!

Check MORE DISH to see Kat Stacks go in on Sidney Star. Sidney Star is the "tranny" that supposedly had a relationship with Chingy. Kat also responds to Jamie's special ed comment, SMH!!

If this thang ain't slow, I'll pay ya... SMH

Okay, last one... I just had to show y'all what Sidney Star looks like. I saw a video of her a couple of weeks ago and couldn't believe I was looking at a man.

Sidney has had the full sex change operation. She started the process as a teenager and now considers herself to be a woman.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Ciara & K.Michelle At East High In Memphis, TN. For The "Get Schooled" Tour

Yesterday Ciara and  K.Michelle visited East High School, right here in Memphis for the "Get Schooled" program. Check out some videos from RapUpTv.

This was super cool for them to take time out of their schedules to go and talk to the youth. I'm sure the students at East High thoroughly enjoyed seeing these ladies. If you are an East High student feel free to let me know what you thought about it.

SN: I tried finding video of K.Michelle as well but there wasn't any.

Update...FOUND SOME, I love this hair color on K.

K. Michelle Interview from Get Schooled on Vimeo.

I bet that was a great feeling, coming back to a school that she actually attended:).Check MORE DISH to see her perform.

K. Michelle performs Mary J. Blige "I'm Going Down" with students from Get Schooled on Vimeo.

Awwwwwe, that was too sweet of her to bring the students up. How did lil mama not know Mary's song tho, LOL?

K. Michelle performs "Fallin" from Get Schooled on Vimeo.

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Music Video: Yo Gotti "Look In The Mirror"

I'm late but check it out...

Memphis, I'm mad at y'all. How is it that NOBODY sent me this video? My sister told me that Lil Peanut was in a Gotti video but I didn't know that it was for this song (which I love BTW). Peanut was just too cute and he had Gotti's mannerisms down, LOL.

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Meetings At The Round Table 7

Hey, hey, heyyyyyyyy... It's been a minute since I did a MATRT segment, but of course you knew I'd be back.  I only have two things I want to mention sooooooooooooooooo, lets go!!

There's A Thin Line Between Real.......AND RETARDED!!
This post is about that slow azz Kat Stacks, SMH.  I'm still shocked that some people actually call her the 2010 Superhead, I think I may have even called her that when she FIRST made a video).  However, she couldn't touch Karrine Stephens with a 10 foot pole.  Since Kat has come out, she has "blasted" several celebs, gotten knocked upside the head about 3 times, fell out drunk at several clubs and obviously bought more stock in Rainbow's Clothing Store.  I've called this chick slow since day one, but her latest stunt proves that she needs a check and not one from WSHH. 

Check MORE DISH for the rest of MATRT

Have any of you seen the video where she "shows her real kitty?" *insert sick face here* I saw that BS last wkend and have been taking anybody willing to look to see that madness. Since seeing the video, I've renamed her "Katastrophe Kat" cuz that is THE UGLIEST POON EVER!! Now, I'm not a poon expert but that one there was worn the hell out. It's was actually HANGING from her body, like it fell out of her insides. My homegirl made an observation that didn't seem too far fetched. While looking at the "hanging poon" she stated that Kat could possibly have been born a man and that this was the result of a sex change. Again, I'm not an expert on sex operations but that who-ha just didn't look right.  I'm not trying to start any rumors so let me move on from her poon.  Back to the issue at hand... this poor thing really thinks she's on, SMH.

As the title reads, there is a thin line between real and RETARDED.  Katherine Stacks has clearly drawn that line and trampled all over it causing it to disappear.  In my book, she is not considered real, she is the most retarded child ever.  It's like I want to feel sorry for her, but then she makes you wanna roast her 2 seconds later.  As I was showing the poon video to another friend yesterday, I had to much is WSHH paying this chick?  No amount could be enough for her to be doing this mess.  It's so RIDICULOUS, SMH! It's not like she's in Playboy or something, she's on the WORLD WIDE WEB in Snoopy/snow man panties showing her hang time (I meant that literally) ROFL.  Enough about her, just please remember people that if you're not careful you can go from real to retarded without realizing it. Stay on ya toes, LOL.

It Gets Better
I've already spoke on this topic, but I felt the need to mention it again today.  The "It Gets Better" campaign was started to help young individuals in the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered) community understand that although it may be difficult living as a LGBT person, it will most definitely GET BETTER!  In the past few weeks we've had several young men kill themselves due to bullying and/or teasing surrounding their homosexuality.  This has got to stop, and it starts at home!  While we might not all agree with a person's sexuality, we still have to be respectful of that person because whatever they are, they are human first.  I never understood "bullies" and although I never had to deal with them, I would see them bother others when I was younger.  My mom always told me that usually if you START ish, you don't END it. 

One thing that bothers me the most is that these babies (they range from ages 13-18) didn't think that it would get better.  I've dealt with a lot of things in my life, but I never reached a point where I thought that that  was it and it couldn't get better.  It makes you wonder exactly how much they withstood before they reached that breaking point.  It's scary to think about what our children go through on a daily basis that we have no clue of.  Keep in mind that if you're having problems it really helps to find someone to talk to, let it out!  Now that I'm getting older the "been there, done that" saying means a lot more to me than it did back in the day.  As children we don't really think about the fact that our parents actually have dealt with adolescence and may be able to help us with certain things. While I can't speak on how hard it is for the LGBT community, speaking as a black woman in a jacked up world... I can say WHATEVER you're dealing with in the world, as long as you have the strength to continue, it WILL GET BETTER!! BTW, I love the gays ;)

Well, that's it guys and gals, post your thoughts.  Meeting Adjourned!!!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Keenan Cahill Is My HOMIE, ROFL!!!

He's back... I've posted videos from this little guy before and this one is even funnier than the previous ones. I had to check out his profile on Youtube, his name is Keenan and he's 15 years old. He is HI-LA-RI-OUS!! Check him out singing Usher's "DJ Falling In Love" Ft. Pit Bull.


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nicki Minaj & Will.I.Am Perform on David Letterman

One could say that Nicki's performance was dry, but me... I think it was great. I love Nicki's style and her performance skills. Will.I.Am is so cool to me, this was a great collabo.

So, if you haven't realized by now, Nicki has to really pull some major BS for me to speak negatively of her. Which brings me to the next video, check MORE DISH to see this tomfoolery from my beloved Nicki.

Nickiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, what were you thinking? OMG, I hate lacefronts, they should die!! Other than that, she's still the bestest!!

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 Airs Tonight!!1

Boy am I ready for this.... I loved the 2nd season of  Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" so I'm sure this season will be the bizness as well.  The show (that airs TONIGHT)  has casted two new members and lost one of the originals, Lisa Wu Hartwell.  Check out these promo pics for season 3.

Sheree Whitfield

Kandi Burruss

Kim Zolciak
NeNe Leakes

Check MORE DISH to learn more about the new cast mates, Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey... also, check a sneak peak from the show.

Phaedra Parks

Some of you might remember Phaedra from the "Tiny and Toya Show", she appeared as Toya's attorney.  She is now one of the new RHOA cast members.  According to Bravo "Phaedra is a celebrated entertainment attorney who lives in the historic Vinings area. She is the Managing Partner of The Parks Group, P.C., an Atlanta based boutique law firm that caters nationally to entertainers and athletes." Just from seeing her on the T&T Show, I think I'm gonna like Ms. Parks.  She seemed to be very down to earth and extremely real.  Plus, she said something nice to me on Twitter one day :). 

Cynthia Bailey
I've never really heard of this Cynthia chick, but she's a model that lives in Atlanta.  According to Bravo "Cynthia joins the Housewives at a pivotal time in her relationship with her boyfriend of three years, Peter Thomas. He has issued her an ultimatum, and though Cynthia has always been independent and financially comfortable, she must come to terms with her marriage hang-ups or risk losing him for good. Already a close friend of Nene's, their friendship deepens as together they struggle through relationship issues with the men in their lives." 

I'll be posted in front of the T.V. tonight, won't miss this!!

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Essence Hair Featuring Monica

I for one LOVE Essence Magazine... You can always count on them for hot covers and great info. Now Essence has decided to release a special issue called "Essence Hair." This issue will feature my girl Monica and her signature short cut. Check this behind the scenes video below.

Monica's hair is ALWAYS on point, she can rock a short style like no other.


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Friday, October 1, 2010

Mario Arrested For Assaulting His Mother

Oh wow... nobody saw this coming!! TMZ reported that R&B singer, Mario was arrested last night for allegedly assaulting his mom.  Mario's mom, Shawntia Hardaway an ex heroin addict accused Mario of "throwing and damaging property."  She also said that he pushed her 8 feet into a wall earlier this week.  Of course we don't know what happened with this situation, but we all know that it always sucks to have parents that have substance abuse problems.  I hope they get this worked out.


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Keep A Child Alive 7th Annual Black Ball

Alicia Keys and her hubby, Swizz Beatz attended the Keep A Child Alive 7th Annual Black Ball.  Lots of celebs came out to the event held in New York, NY to show their support.  Check out who was in the building.

Who came up with this tomfoolery?  Dude has on some high waist nut crunchers with a tie dyed muscle shirt.  I want Usher and the person that came up with this to hold hands and jump from something.  Something high enough to cause a wee bit of pain (just a smidge), nothing too painful LOL. 

Whitney with her mom

I really can't deal with Usher and this getup, LOL.

This ish hanging from Alicia's head is annoying me..not as much as Usher's suit tho.

Check MORE DISH to see more pics from the event

Sade... wow, how old is this chick?  Looking good honey!

Clive Davis and Janelle Monae

Alicia Keys is gonna be like M.I.A., performing until the day she pops out the baby LOL.

Sade and Alicia hit the stage together

I like this picture for some reason, they look real husband and wifeish here, LOL

Jennifer Hudson, Whitney and Alicia... I hear she's carrying a baby boy and they are planning to name him Egypt

Look how small this thang is, whewwww!! You betta WERK!!!

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