Friday, October 30, 2009

RIP Jam Master Jay

Today makes 7 years since the death of Jam Master Jay of the infamous trio RUN DMC! I thought I was so cool when I was little cuz my intials are DMC, you couldnt tell me I wasnt big ish popping LMAO. I just wanted to do a tribute to him and I'm sure y'all wont mind.. Damn near all the official music videos on Youtube had the embedded code disabled but I still wanted the songs so here ya go.. RIP!

I just had to post this video of them on Reading Rainbow LOL.. I loved that show!

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T-Boz Talks About Her Fight For Life And Chase Does DJ Hero Skit

Did anybody catch T-Boz's baby, Chase at the Hip Hop Awards? Hell, I noticed a lot of ish watching it a second time. Anywho, she was the little girl that played Mike Epp's niece Kesha (during the DJ Hero skit with DJ Khaled). We were talking about how cute she was and my sister said "that looks like T-Boz baby." That heffa notices everything LOL. Isnt she a cutie?

Damn she looks like her daddy LOL (rapper Mac 10)

T-Boz was on Good Morning America this morning and she brought Chase along. I didn't get to see it but I heard these two are extra silly together. T-Boz spoke of her issues with a brain tumor and that her doctor told her she wouldn't live long. The doctor also told her that he could perform some type of brain zap and she might not be able to walk, talk, or see again. WTF?! She decided to try a doctor in California (a black doctor might I add) in hopes that somebody could help save her life allowing her to be here for her daughter. Long story short, she had the procedure done (by the doctor in Cali) and even though she couldn't talk for a while y'all see that shes back and doing well. She and Chilli are even doing a tour right now! I'm glad to hear that shes doing better, she also suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia. She is extremely blessed! I'll try to find the video for y'all and post it for ya...

Pic Source: Black Celebrity Kids and Essence

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Larry Johnson's Tweets Cost Him $60,000

OMG, this fool HERE! How do you allow Twitter to cost you 60,000 got dang dollars?! NFL'er Larry Johnson(Kansas City Chiefs) posted some gay slurs on the social network and was suspended from a game. He was also fined $60,000. Folks gone learn to STFU and stop acting a fool LOL. Check out the tweets.

They said he repeated the comments in the locker room so that might have been what actually got him suspended. At least I hope that's what it was because even though the use of the word fag was inappropriate and offensive to some fans (I personally hate that word), people can really say what they want. While he talking about how caked up he is and dude being broke, dude just cost his azz 60G's.. Hmph!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monica On Good Day Xtra- Another BET Reality Show In The Making

Monica chilled with Good Day Xtra to talk about Still Standing. I think it's going to do really well. It looks like its going to offer plenty of positivity for BET, cuz we all know they need some damn help LOL. Speaking of which....

FreddyO said that BET is giving KeKe Cole's baby sister Elite and Neffie's BFF Dariel a show...

Okay, Elite seems like she has more sense than the whole family combined and Dariel seems to be a cool guy but I just HAVE to ask.. WHY IN THE HELL ARE THEY GETTING A SHOW? Well they will be following Elite as she pursues a singing career and Dariel's struggles as a hairdresser *side eye*. I'd like to hear if Elite can sing, I heard that Frankie could go some back in the day. I guess Elite said it best on her Twitter the other day stating "don't get mad cuz we're getting money any way we can" or something like that, not about to go look up that tweet LMAO.. Hey, I don't knock anybody's hustle but I for one wont be watching.. then again, I might LOL.

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Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Expecting

Awww.. these two are finally expecting a little one. I'd heard that they were trying but I didn't know they had announced their pregnancy. CONGRATS!! I hope she has a healthy pregnancy and an even healthier baby.

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Toya Carter Has Options

Toya Carter celebrated her birthday earlier this week and she showed us some of her fab gifts. Her NFL guyfriend James Hardy was there to celebrate with her along with friends and family at Silk in ATL. The blog community has been posting up pics of Ms. Carter's gifts and I must say they are rather nice..


Now, this pretty little pistol was a gift from "someone special"...
So I'm sure y'all know its something for me to be posting these pics on a Thursday, when they were out earlier this week. I just wanted to prove a point that bloggers will take ish and run with it. Simply because Toya is DATING James Hardy, they have automatically made dude her boyfriend and he has to be the "someone special" that she mentioned. Hmph, well I happen to know that James didn't buy that pistol at all. I pay close attention to things and keep my ears to the street. Has anybody ever seen Ms. Carter mention a "Sexxi Face" on her Twitter page? She hasn't mentioned him in a while but she always seemed rather smittened with him. Plus, I heard word that she's been introducing this "Sexxi Face" guy around town to her family and friends. I'm wondering how James feels about it because he knows he didnt buy the gun, and even told the media he didnt. Yet, folks still wanna say he bought it.. NO HE DIDNT PEOPLE!! Okay, that's all I want to say about this, I just want it to be known that if/when she and "Sexxi Face" finally stop with the secret lover ish that y'all heard it HERE ON DIVA DISH FIRST!! Lets see if he pops up on the show next season Oh and might I add, "Sexxi Face" is so much hotter than James... STAY TUNED!!!

UPDATE: Okay, so I link all my posts on Twitter and I just HAD to include Ms. Carter in this one. She saw my tweet and couldnt help but send a response back saying "LOL, Thats Funny"... LMAO, I bet it is chica.. Bet you didnt think anybody was gonna catch on to "Sexxi Face" did ya? LOL..

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dating Tips From Our First Lady

Check out our First Lady looking pretty in red!! Michelle Obama is on the cover of the November issue of Glamour Magazine and she looks GAWGEOUS. She gave a couple of tips on dating and I for one think she might know what shes talking about LOL. Besides, she IS married to the most POWERFUL man in the U.S. Plus, Mr. President does have a pretty nice swag to be an older man LOL. This is what she had to say....

“Cute’s good. But cute only lasts for so long, and then it’s, Who are you as a person? Don’t look at the bank book or the title. Look at the heart. Look at the soul. When you’re dating a man, you should always feel good. … You shouldn't be in a relationship with somebody who doesn’t make you completely happy and make you feel whole.”

Hmph... told ya she knew what she was talking about!!

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Precious Trailer

Check out the trailer for the new movie "Precious."

This is something else I can add to my list of reasons why I love Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey. I'm so glad that they felt the need to make this movie because so many of our black children deal with similar if not identical situations. Lots of times when people see that they aren't the only ones dealing with certain things, its easier for them to open up and talk about them. Cant wait to see this movie, I have a feeling its going to be really good. I am however gonna have to go with no eye makeup on cuz I damn near didnt make it through the trailer without crying like a fool LOL. Plus, I'm anxious to see how Monique does.

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Free Style Hip Hop Awards Style

I swear this damn Nicki Minaj is RI-DAMN-DICULOUS!!! After hearing her last night I couldn't even pay attention to the other mofo's cuz everybody on Twitter was goin in on how hard Nicki was LOL. That mf said she killing these b****s Mike Vickin it up!! She asked on Twitter if they had to censor that.. Uh, yea Nicki LMAO!!

I dig Mos Def too, but that freaking Eminem goes wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hard! I liked this whole cypher though!

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NeNe And Greg Talk About Sex

NeNe Leakes did an interview with Jamie of S2S Magazine. Finally, somebody interviewed one of the RHOA and we didn't have to hear about the drama of the show, NeNe opened up about her sex life. Her husband Greg was sitting in on the interview and had some things to say. Check it out!

Not to be putting my business all out there but hell, I'm with Greg 3-5 times a week sounds like the business to me LOL. Oh AND, that whole situation of women just giving their man some when they want it, even if they aren't in the mood themselves. OMG, I hate that kind of sex LMAO. Yea we've all had to bite that bullet (no pun intended) a couple of times or so when we didn't really want to, however, don't make it a habit. Besides, half the time in those situations we're just wondering when the ish will be over so we can carry on bout our business anyways LMAO.

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This Is It!!!

Yesterday was the opening of the M.J.'s "This Is It" movie. I'll be going to see that this evening I guess, and honestly I'm a little nervous about it... Anywho, check out some of the pics from the Premiere in L.A.

The Jackson's (Tito, Marlon and Jackie) with Vivica Fox

Paula Abdul

Ashley Tisdale and Katy Perry (have y'all realized I like Katy? LOL)

Paris Hilton rocked her hair long

Ms. Nia.. not loving this look but loving HER all the same

Check MORE DISH for more pics and video

Martin and his daughters (I think).. they sure look like him, especially the one to the left!

J.Lo.. I like the look

Jackie and Jermaine

Jermaine and his wife Helima.. these folks gotta be playing games

Choreographer Travis Payne..

Ashley Tisdale and Moniqe Coleman

I think it was like a billion and three pics from this Premiere so I'm not about to try and go through all of em. Like M.J. said "This Is It" LMAO!!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monica Celebrates Her Birthday

Happy Bday Monica!! I guess she let the all black rest since she was celebrating another year of life. She celebrated with family and friends at Lucky Lounge in ATL.

Monica and her fiance' Rocko... She's showing out for the groupies LOL

I just love these two together...

Again, make sure to tune in to her reality show tonight on BET immediately following the Hip Hop Awards!! She'll have two episodes airing tonight!!

Pics: FreddyO

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Plies Loves The Kids

Its obvious that besides a being a self proclaimed "Goon", Plies is also a giver. He seems to love the kids! Allhiphop is reporting that Plies performed at FAMU this past weekend and while on stage he saw a young girl (11 years old) in the audience and felt that she was too young to hear "Bust It Baby." He gave the lil girl $1000 and asked her to leave, stating that the money was for the girls parents to "take her somewhere nice." Well ain't that commendable of him! Soon as he brings his lil nasty azz to Memphis for a performance I'll have my niece FRONT ROW CENTER!! I'll need my G please LMAO! But forreal, if the artist is smart enough to know their lyrics aren't suitable for children, this ought to be a lesson to some parents that their children shouldn't be allowed to attend certain concerts.

But we know that Plies is a really sweet and giving person, especially when it comes to the little kids. Remember when he gave a little girl his chain at a basketball game a while back? I posted it in case y'all missed it.

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Chris Brown Video- I Can Transform You

Here's the full video...

I like it! LOL at the girl being taller than Weezy. Why didnt he transform her to be smaller than him? I'm tripping on how grown Chris is getting right before our eyes. Oh and Tyrese is sexy as hell!!

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Tameka Raymond Is Staying Relevant

This woman cant STAY out the damn gossip media LMAO. Every other week she's cursing somebody out or scratching up cars.. Damn girl, listen to Confessions.. just let it BURN! Supposedly, Tameka called the home of a Gossip Blogger in Canada and had a few choice words for her. Check out the video!

Okay.. I seriously don't think Tameka is this dumb! First off, who cares enough to track a mofo down all the way in Canada to call and say some stupid ish like this? I mean really! Second, how would she get Tiny's interview confused with something the lady said about her? Third, if Tiny's interview was so good, why would she wanna curse the blogger out about it? All of this sounds really stupid to me and I just cant see this extra grown azz woman calling to say "This is Tameka Raymond, Usher wife, F**K you" all on the damn voicemail. Nah, I just refuse to believe that chic is that dang silly!! What do y'all think?

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Video Teasers

Check out some video teasers from 50 Cent and Chris Breezy...

Baby By Me, WTF? Maybe I need to actually listen to the song before I call it stupid huh,LOL? The only reason I even care about this video is because Kelly is in it, I don't really care too much for 50.

Love this song! I'm sure he'll be dancing his azz off per usual!

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The Thurgood Marshall College Fund 22nd Annual Anniversary Dinner

Last night Monica sent a twitpic of her and Mary J. at the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Anniversary Dinner in New York. Monica presented her friend Mary with an an award at the event. This must be something Monica really wanted to be a part of, she missed her girl Toya's (Tiny & Toya Show) birthday party to attend. Anywho, check out some of the pics.

Tasha Smith, I love this dress

The hair... not so much. She looks nice none the less

RHOA Sheree

Raheem Devaughn

Ms. Monica

Jasmine Guy... uhhhhh, nevermind!

Mary J.

So glad to see my girl Fantasia, she looks cute!

Check MORE DISH for more pics

All those tats are bothering me, but oh well!

Danny Glover.. gotta love the ole skool actors

She is not letting this all black go is she? Make sure to check out her new show tonight on BET!

Lynn Whitfield, still looking good.

Is Jasmine sick or something?

Marlon Jackson... These Jackson's are showing up everywhere now a days

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Monica Still Standing & DJ Press Conf. With Jay-Z

My girl Monica recently turned 29. She celebrated another year of life and the debut of her new show "Still Standing" last night in her hometown, ATL. Check out some of the pics.

Monica loves rocking black doesnt she?

She was also celebrating her cover of Upscale Magazine

Monica and her Boo, Rocko! LOVE THEM!!

Jay-Z hit up the DJ Hero Press Conference in New York! Since I love me some Jay, I had to post a couple pics for ya!

Check out a couple more pics of Jay under MORE DISH

Pics: TheYBF and Wireimages

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