Thursday, September 29, 2011

Video Dish

Platinum Lovers ft. Proche & Brandon (BYFKZ) from Gary Beauford on Vimeo.

OMGGGGGGGGGG!!! Those splits, the wig.. LMAO!!! I would love to have them at a family bar-b-que, LOL.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Preview: Real Housewives Of Atlanta

I've been waiting to see more of the Atlanta housewives and we'll all get just that on November 6th at 10/9c.  Check the preview video below.

Whewwwwww honey, I can't wait to see Sheree get with NeNe.  For some reason, I feel like she's the only one that will REALLY GO THERE with her.  We shall see!!


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Friday, September 23, 2011

Beyonce' Tells How She Decided To Announce Her Pregnancy

Awwww.. Every time I see that clip of her rubbing her belly and then cutting to Jay, I get excited all over again LOL.  I'm sure Beyonce' will indeed be an incredible mother.  She's incredible at everything else!!!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Footage We've All Been Waiting For... The Ray J & Fabolous Brawl

I was just waiting for video footage from Fabolous and Ray J's incident to surface.  While Ray J's "One Wish" would have been for security to have REALLY gotten all footage deleted, of course that wasn't the case.  Granted you can hardly see what's REALLY going on, but it's more than we had before LOL.  Check it out below.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Music Video: Tyrese "Stay"

Yayyy.. I"m glad he chose Taraji for this video!! They are so cute together.

But uhhhhh.. DAMN TYRESE IS SEXY!!! OMGGGG!! I like the song, he's singing like he's back on that bus in the Coca Cola commercial!!!

 Excuse me while I go pray over these thoughts!! Anywho.. what did you think about the video?

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Fabolous Responds To Ray J's Temper Tantrum

This is the FUNNIEST ish ever... Fabolous speaks with DJ Clue about Ray J's temper tantrum on "The Breakfast Club."  I'm dying that he kept referring to Ray as "Brandy's brother" LMAO!!  Check it out.

LMAO.. Fab is a FOOL!! That mane said "that wasn't Mo' to the, E to the" LMAO!!!

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy Lifted!!

Finally, the United States has lifted it's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, preventing gays from serving openly.  The 1993 law allowed gays to serve and fight for our country, just as long as they kept their sexual orientation private.  Today, that law no longer exists.

Personally, I'm happy that the law was repealed.  Why should a person be asked to hide who they are just for a job?  A job protecting and fighting for our country at that?  Now, just because I'm 100% for this repeal, that doesn't mean I wanna see people getting all extra in their uniforms. While I'm glad the government made this decision, I can't help but think that this will cause some problems.  We still live in a world full of discrimination and I'm sure there will be issues amongst our soldiers, SMH.

So...what are your thoughts?


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Monday, September 19, 2011

Beyonce' Speaks On "House Of Dereon"

I actually saw some pieces that I liked...

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So Fabolous And Ray J Came To Blows?

So, the story goes that Fabolous and Ray J got into a physical altercation this past weekend in Vegas.  It supposedly started earlier in the week when Fab and Kevin Hart were cracking jokes about Ray J on Twitter.  Ray J confronted Fabolous backstage at a concert and what started out as jokes, ended up as blows being thrown.  Ray swung first, but also went down first LOL. Well, if it's true, I'm betting there will be some type of video footage (even tho they SAY security made everyone delete it). 

Seriously tho, social networking is dangerous LOL. Poor lil Ray J, SMH.

UPDATED... Ray J goes in about the fight on "The Breakfast Club."  Check MORE DISH to hear Ray J in gangsta mode!!

STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP IT!! LMAO!!! I can't even take him seriously, LMAO. Sorry, I just can't. LMAO!!! I'm waiting for Fab to call in with his apology!! LOL

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New Music: Monica "Until It's Gone"

If you're a Monica fan like me, you're waiting on the songtress to drop her next album this November.  Monica is releasing New Life on November 28th and I can NOT WAIT.  The first single from the album was

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Morning all.. take a minute and go vote Diva Dish Talk for the Memphis Choice Awards in the entertainment category. Follow the link below.  It only takes a second and you can vote multiple times. Thanks for your support and spread the word!! :)


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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Swizz Beatz Cheating With A Chick Called Karma?

Well the chick's name isn't really Karma, but it might as well be. Yesterday Bossip posted a story claiming that Swizz is cheating with a singer/song writer (yea, I'm sure) by the name of Chris Elizabeth (pictured below). They provided screen shots of BBM's exhanged between Swizz and Chris in which he tells her he wants to "f*ck the sh*t" out of her and more. Check out a lil of their covo.


Chris, Swizz
Swizz: Kissseesssss
Chris: Yo!
Swizz: U good send me pic
Chris: Miss u
Chris: ‎IMG-20110808-00824.jpg ‪(44.70 KB)‬
Swizz: That’s old
Chris: Oh oops. Hold on
Chris: Dunno the last one I sent u
Chris: ‎IMG-20110802-00769.jpg ‪(33.48 KB)‬
Swizz: Send me the. Now pic
Chris: I gotta do it when I get home. I know u wanna see “skin”
Swizz: K
Swizz: Gnite hit u tomm
Swizz: :p
Swizz: Hello
Chris: Hello.
Swizz: In vegas cmon
Chris: Sigh.. (n)
Swizz: Haaa why (n)
Chris: Never been to vegas but I heard it was party city. Crazy!
Swizz: So why (n)
Swizz: I’m here till thurs
Chris: U aint talkin bout it!
Swizz: Huh?
Chris: That’s slang for “you’re not going make it happen.” Come on!!! Where’s ur hip side old man?
Swizz: That’s that houston sh*t:) just come I got u!
Chris: I’m always confused on how this works. What do I need to do?
Chris: Call me
Chris: U must have company
Swizz: Ok here’s what my plan is. Becaaaaause I’m not a baller and I got bills and sh*t… Ima buy a one way ticket and we’ll handle it when I get there. Yes? No? Maybe?
Chris: K
Chris: Now I gotta call off work. Gimme some time. I’d b comin tomorrow.
Swizz: Hitu when I get up
Chris: Up?
Swizz: Yes
Chris: K I’m havin trouble gettin shifts covered. Is tuesday a possibility as well?
Swizz: Yes:)
Chris: K I’ll let u know what happens.
Swizz: K
Chris: Its a no go, thank you for the invite. ;;) have fun
Chris: I’m off Thurs-Sat if your available
Swizz: :(:(:(:(:(
Chris: ‎Northeast-20110821-00979.jpg ‪(27.47 KB)‬
Chris: Cheer up buddy
Chris: :*
Swizz: ({})
Chris: What r u doin?
Swizz: HAving a blasttttt your missing out
Chris: U suck!
Chris: Don’t tease me. Why can’t u get away this weekend!? I’m off
Swizz: Vma
Chris: Ahh. Well maybe God is tellin us somethin. O:)
Chris: Night. Have fun.
Swizz: :’(
Chris: Lol.
Chris: Well sh*t. Our schedules never freakin match!
Chris: ‎download.jpg ‪(13.73 KB)‬
Chris: Lookin good? Lookin great? Lol
Swizz: This make no f**king send I want to f**k the shit of you asap make it happen wow!
Swizz: This pic is crazy sorry but sh*t
Chris: Lmao. Whoa Tiger! Haahah
Swizz: That pic is for what?
Chris: Nothin. Just to have.
Swizz: That’s my fav pic of u:)

Whewwwww honey, that's that BS!! Christina posted on Twitter that she lost her phone and that's how the messages were released.  So, is she saying that the story is true and that these messages did come from Alicia's husband? If these messages were from him, I totally wouldn't be shocked.  I always say that we don't know EXACTLY what happened with this situation so I try not to judge them.  However, we do know it was some sh*t in the game somewhere.  He wasn't 100 with Mashonda and looks like he might not be with Alicia either. Check over at Bossip to see the rest of Chris and Swizz's convo, SMH.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

New Music Video: Monica Ft. Rick Ross "Anything (To Find You)"

I have to say that I wasn't feeling this song the first time I heard it, but I have definitely grown to love it. Cute video,  Monica is such a pretty chick and she doesn't have to do a whole lot of extra stuff in her videos.  I can't wait for her to drop her upcoming album.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Kelly Rowland Shoots "Lay It On Me" Video

 Miss Kelly is giving us plenty of sexy with her new video for "Lay It On Me" with Big Sean.  Check out some of the pics and behind the scenes video below.


Looks like it's gonna be pretty hot!!  This is one of my favorite songs from her album.


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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chyna Ann McClain Is Such A Talented Young Lady

Ok.. so if you're a regular on the site, you know that I am a reality T.V. JUNKIE!! While I will spend my entire evening watching reality shows, I don't think children should be allowed to watch them (well most of them anyways).  I'm grown and I understand that half of it is scripted and that most of it is for entertainment.  Children think that this is how "grown ups" are really supposed to behave.

With that being said, I'm always looking for shows for my 7 year old god daughter to watch.  This past weekend I found myself watching (and enjoying) "Ant Farm" on the Disney Channel.  The lead character is Chyna Ann McClain, you may remember her from some of Tyler Perry's films.  Anywho, she is super talented and since I love seeing our babies doing great things, I had to post her on DDT.  I knew she could act (which she's gotten much better at), but didn't know she could sing.  Take a listen.

Check MORE DISH to see another video of Chyna singing.

Chyna is 13 now and she is growing into such a cutie pie.  I'm really excited for her and wish her much success with her career.

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Beyonce' Shows Off More Baby Belly

The Carters are in Croatia celebrating Bey's 30th birthday and she is letting loose.  She looks cute in her bikini with Baby Carter starting to stick out.

Aww... I can't wait to see her throughout the rest of her pregnancy.  If she's anything like her little sister, she is going to be HUGE (Solange was enormous, LOL).  It was mostly in the stomach though.  No biggie, I know she'll still look just as fabulous as always.

BTW: Happy Belated 30th Birthday to QUEEN BEY!!

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Serena Goes Into A FULL SPLIT On The Court!!

Well damn... and she still scored!! Gotta love those Williams sisters.  Oh and yes, she won the match!!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

T.I. Is BACK In Federal Prison

T.I. was only free for one day before heading back to prison. 
ATLANTA -- Grammy-winning rapper T.I., who was moved to a halfway house this week after months in prison, is locked up again at a federal penitentiary, with his lawyer citing a flap over using a luxury bus to report to a halfway house.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons website Friday shows the rapper at the Atlanta penitentiary with a release date of Sept. 29.

The 30-year-old T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, was released from a federal lockup in Arkansas on Wednesday and made the 375-mile trip to Atlanta in a gleaming motor coach.

His attorney, Steve Sadow, told The Associated Press late Thursday that federal officials moved T.I. because of an issue involving his transportation to Atlanta.

T.I. had been serving time for violating probation in a weapons case.

This is even more of a reason for T.I. to make sure he stays on the right track when he is released.  It's obvious they are looking for any excuse to lock his tail right back up.  I'm gonna need Tiny to pick him up next time he's released.

Pic Source: Miss Info

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tyler Perry Presents "For Better Or Worse" On TBS

Tyler Perry is always coming up with something and it usually always works out. While I LOVED Why Did I Get Married characters Marcus and Angela (Tasha Smith & Michael Jai White), I'm not sure how well this new television series about them is gonna work.  Check out the trailer below.

The series is set to air on TBS on November 23.  As of now, the show is only scheduled for 10 shows, but if it gets good ratings it will of course get more air time.  Like I said, I LOVED their characters in the movies (1 & 2) and I'm also a huge Tasha Smith fan so I will most DEF be watching.  Will you?


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Stacey Dash Confirms Departure From "Single Ladies"

For the past few weeks, rumors have swirled that Stacey Dash was fired from the hit VH1 show "Single Ladies."  At first it was all dismissed as just that, a rumor.  Now Stacey Dash has confirmed that she is in fact leaving the show, but not because she was fired.  Stacey tells The Source that she is leaving the show after just ONE season to be a mother to her children. 

"I truly enjoyed playing Val on 'Single Ladies', but I have decided to leave the show. I have to be back in LA with my children right now and the 'Single Ladies' shooting location makes that impossible," Dash said in a statement. "I wish VH1 the best of luck with the show and in maintaining the strong fan base we developed in season one.”

I hate to see her go... It always changes the show a little bit when a main character is replaced.  Hmmm, I wonder who they'll get to play her role.  Who would you suggest to take on the spot of confused little Valerie?


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