Monday, August 31, 2009

Celeb TV Updates

Chris Brown's FIRST INTERVIEW since Rihanna Assault

I'll be setting the DVR tonight when I get home so I wont miss this. I'm really curious about what he has to say about the situation. You know, other than "WOW"!


Crack pipe? Damn!! That's such a messed up situation, especially since he survived that fatal plane crash last year. He beat that only to leave this world like this.

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Bring It Whit--- New Music

How got dang FIERCE does my girl Whitney look on the cover of Essence? She gave Essence one of her first interviews in a while. So glad she's back and looking better than ever!! Her album is here, I'll be purchasing it ASAP!

Check out some new videos.. From Drake "Successful" and Jigga "Run This Town" under MORE DISH

Yea, I know I'm a little late with this one. So sue me LOL.

This dang RiRi is just UNTOUCHABLE!!

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Nivea Is HUGE!

Nivea is HUGE as hell, and she's only 6 months in. She was spotted out in ATL this weekend attending an R&B showcase. Shes all smiles, but I'm sure that ish is painful. If not, it sure as hell looks that way.

Check the ring she got fromWeezy F. Baby
Cute preggers look for Niv

I found this really cute pic of Nivea when she was a baby and just thought I'd share ;-)

Awwww, how cute

Pics via & Nivea's FB

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Please Stop The Madness

Lord, Lord, Lord.. what are Tiny and Company doing? They have these kids looking a HOT DISASTER! The group is looking like the Rainbow Bright Girls. I'm not sure who is doing this ish, but they need to stop it, like ASAP!

I'm not going to talk about these children. Even though I want to SO BADLY LMAO

And this OMG Girl group on steroids is horrible to the umptenth power! They went in American Apparel and racked up! This is a MESS!

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T-Pain Getting Sued

According to SandraRose.comT-Pain is being sued for child support. We all heard about his baby with Ms. Cherry from VH-1's Miss Rap Supreme but hadn't heard much more about it. Well, y'all hadn't LOL.

I HEARD that Ms. Cherry was cool with what she was getting from Pain until he stopped letting her show up at shows and ish (I ain't the one to gossip so you ain't heard it from me, hehehe). Everything was cool when he was just knocking her off (and up) but when she started showing up at shows and events (sometimes with the Mini T-Pain in tow) he felt she was violating. Pain did not appreciate how Ms. Cherry was disrespecting his wife Amber.
Anywho, Ms. Cherry has only been receiving 2,000 a month from Pain to support their child. Okay, yea some might say $2,000 a month is cool. But for this man to be making $15 million a year, he needs to be dropping off a little more. Matter of fact, he needs to keep his ish in his pants or at least wrap it up. He offered to pay an additional $500 a month. BOY SITCHO AZZ DOWN. I'd take that ish all the way to the Supreme Court if I were Ms. Cherry LMAO, just kidding. BTW, does she have a damn job?

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Amber Rose At It Again

The ever so confident Amber Rose hosted Tao's Beach Party in Sin City (Vegas)this past weekend.

Cute look except for those Vampire In Vegas azz contacts! She scares me at time *side eye*!

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday To Our King of Pop!

Today would've been the 51st birthday of our beloved Micheal Jackson. I just wanted to say HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Micheal! You are extremely loved and missed!

Click MORE DISH for more pics of The King of Pop!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Jaycee Dugard, Home After 18 Years of Captivaty

Jaycee Lee Dugard
Jaycee was abducted 18 years ago from a bus stop while headed to school, she was 11 years old at the time. Today Jaycee has finally returned to her family. When I first heard the story yesterday, initially I didn't believe that it was her, after all, this isn't the normal outcome of a kidnapping. For 18 years, Jaycee had been held in a captive in a homemade prison in the backyard of her abductors.

Phillip & Nancy Gerrido

Phillip and Nancy Gerrido snatched Jaycee while her step-father watched from the porch of their home. When he saw them snatch Jaycee he tried to chase after the car on his mountain bike but of course was unable to keep up. I honestly can't even think of anything to call these triflin b**** azz mofos. How do you snatch somebody's baby and force them to live in the backyard for 18 years?

Check MORE DISH for more info

When Jaycee was 14, Phillip impregnated her with their first child. Four years later she was pregnant again! This shit here is SICK! I'm sure you're wondering how the couple was finally caught after so long. Well, Phillip is a registered sex offender and was also on probation for a prior kidnapping in which he held the lady captive! He was caught on a college campus with his two daughters (that he had with Jaycee) and officers saw that he was acting "suspiciously" with the girls and called his probation officer. But get this, he was on campus passing out religious material, WTF? This ish right here makes NO SENSE AT ALL!!! Personally, I don't believe that a person with this type of rap sheet should be allowed back on the streets. And with him living less than 200 miles away from Jaycee's home, the police should have taken a closer look at him at some point during the investigation. When Phillip was to report to his probation officer after the campus incident, he took Jaycee and the two young girls with him. Jaycee acted as his wife claiming her name was something else. After further questioning Phillip finally admitted to kidnapping the girl and the story unfolds from there. Okay, so I have to speak on some things, it might ruffle a couple feathers but oh well!

HOW IN THE HELL CAN SOMEBODY KEEP YOU CAPTIVE FOR 18 YEARS? I'm definitely not trying to be funny but he wouldn't have kept one of "US" that damn long! Cuz honestly, after a week or so he would've either killed me or sent my azz back to the Mound with my folks cuz it would've been a fight EVERY TIME he came in that lil azz tent/jail he made for me. I understand that she was a baby and no doubt scared out of her mind, but in 18 years you didn't have NOT ONE OPPORTUNITY TO RUN?! I'm assuming that it was some type of brainwashing thing because she actually lied to a PROBATION OFFICER about who she was!! Whatever the case was, I'm glad she is home now. I'm positive she will have a whole lot of psychological problems after going through this but I hope at some point she can get some type of life back. GOD BLESS YOU JAYCEE and those two little girls! They should make both of these animals spend the rest of their lives in the Tent Prison in Arizonia.

This is the PERFECT place for their azzes (check out this prison @

Go to for the full story. You will not BELIEVE this ish, seriously!

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LeToya Luckett Album Release Party

LeToya had her Album Release party for her sophmore album "Lady Love." The party was hosted by Sprite Green in NY.

Cute look for Toya

Check MORE DISH for more pics

Olivia came out to support

That dress is LITTLE LOL

Toya partied with Darrelle Revis of the NY Jets

Chilling with Tank
Good luck with your album Toya. She recently spoke on how she feels her album doesnt get the push that other female artists get. Hmmmm, she might have a point!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kandi Gives The Low Down On NeNe

I guess y'all can tell what celebs I'm feeling the most huh? I'll have plenty of posts about them. I found an interview that Bossip did with Kandi about the whole NeNe situation and you know I had share. Check out what she had to say below.

I get a kick out of listening to Kandi LOL, she is such a down south chic and it shows in her movements as well as her dialect. I believe what Kandi is saying about NeNe. I like NeNe's character and all, but I think that's exactly what it is... HER CHARACTER! I think she puts on for the camera just to try and get more camera time. I heard that clip of her telling Kandi she was coming up to the station, I was wondering the same thing Kandi was. WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE GONNA DO WHEN SHE GOT THERE? I cant stand for a grown azz woman to throw threats, if you're gonna do something just shut up and do it. Anywho, I'll be tuned in tonight to see if some of their drama starts in this episode.

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Fantasia & Kandi Show Us Their Moves

I love Kandi's youtube channel! If you aren't subscribed go ahead and check her out. In this video she is rehearsing for a show and my girl Fantasia stops through. These two chics are a trip, especially Tasia LOL. Check it out!

A mess LMAO. They look like they were having a lot of fun. I see Tasia is like me, all she needs to act a nut is a mirror and its on LMAO. I thought it was too funny when she said "wait a minute Kandi, this is a process" LOL. Anywho, I can't wait for both of their albums to drop. BTW, I LOVE Tasia to DEATH.. but I hate that leopard catsuite.. OMG, TRASH IT! LOL


I had to repost the video because Kandi removed it from her Youtube channel, therefore deleting it from Diva Dish. But WSHH had it so you can still see it here. Kandi updated her Twitter to tell us why she removed the video, check it out!

Kandi's Twiter Update

“Fantasia & I thought the video was funny but her manager didn't approve & I don't wanna do anything that would b hurtful 2 her career. Oh well!”

“Fantasia management just didnt think it was a good look. I understood. gotta keep yo self marketable. some people may not think its funny like us”

People get on my nerves always placing judgment on others. They were obviously just having fun while rehearsing. Haven't y'all heard what they say about ALL WORK AND NO PLAY.. that shit is boring LOL. I thought it was pretty funny so to hell with them. On the other hand I do kind of understand Tasia's management too, but its already out and there's nothing that can be done about it now.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Frankie & Neffie's Launch Party

If you didnt catch the premiere of the Frankie & Neffie show last night, dont stress. It was pretty much the same thing we've been seeing since the 2nd season of KeKe's show. They are STILL talking about family issues and Frankie's "old" drug problem *extreme side eye* Lord.. if these thangs don't look a MESS! Well really, its mostly Frankie looking her normal special self.. Check out the pics below.

Neffie and her belly were there of course

They can stop with the shinanigans.. This chic is STILL smoking that ish!
Check MORE DISH to see more pics from the party

Neffie & her 3rd baby daddy/fiance

So Frankie said F' it.. She go rock an ugly azz cut out Zebra dress with jeans and boots.. Do you then Boo!

I was waiting to find a pic with this wig on the floor LMAO

Oh but hellllllllllll no!!
I dont blame KeKe for staying the sam hell AWAY from this BS LOL. But I love both Frankie and Neffie, FROM A DISTANCE!!! I guess KeKe feels the same way!
Yall can go to for more pics of this BS!

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Juelz Santana Should've DIPSET!

See, when will people learn to keep their hands to themselves? Yall cant just go hitting on people and threatening to kill folks and think its going to end smoothly LOL. Juelz Santana was arrested yesterday at his home in Teaneck after a woman (possibly his son's mother) called 911. She claims that he threatened to kill her in front of the child. I just don't understand why people wont just leave when things get this heated. ESPECIALLY those in the public eye, they KNOW somebody is going to call the police and have their azz all over TMZ.. AND Diva Dish LMAO. Oh well, I'll keep you posted on any news in this case.

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Chris Brown Sentenced

Chris Brown was sentenced yesterday and they really gave it to his azz. Check out the terms of his sentence.

The judge placed Brown on felony probation for 60 months -- 5 years. He must obey all laws. He must report to probation within 72 hours. Brown can perform community labor in Virginia. She wants reports from the domestic violence program in Richmond, VA. Brown must keep in touch with the Probation Department. He is subject to search and seizure 24/7 for the next 5 years. He can't own any dangerous weapon, including guns or knives.

I think they are doing WAY too much. I do believe he needs to be punished but that young man does NOT deserve all this! Five years probation? Okay, from the affidavit that was finally released he beat the brakes off RiRi. HOWEVER, we weren't there and nobody really knows what happened. I think its just a little bit much to put everything on him and RiRi gets off with NOTHING! They could at least lessen it to two years! Chris, keep your hands to yourself and your head up!

Check MORE DISH to read the what happened blow by blow and bite by bite (literally)

“The victim said she became enraged and slammed both of her fists against the dashboard on the passenger side of the car they were in. She reported that the defendant then pulled the vehicle over and reached over her with his right hand. He opened the car door and tried to force the victim out.”

According to the report, Brown was unable to shove Rihanna out of the car because she was wearing a seatbelt.

The report continues, “When he could not force her to exit, he took his right hand and shoved her head against the passenger window of the car. ”

“The victim then faced the defendant and he punched her in the left eye with his right hand. He then continued driving.”

“As he drove, he continued to punch the victim in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left hand.”

Rihanna told cops the “assault caused her mouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter over her clothing and the inside of the car.”

Rihanna told cops after Brown “stopped his first assault .. she looked in the mirror and saw her eye beginning to swell.

[Brown] looked at [Rihanna] and said ‘I’m going to beat the shit out of you when we get home! You wait and see!’”

Rihanna told police she tried to call her personal assistant, but she didn’t pick up — but Rihanna says she “pretended to talk, saying, ‘I’m on my way home. Make sure the cops are there when I get there.’”

Rihanna says she pulled the act “because she did not want to get beat anymore.”

But after Rihanna’s fake phone conversation, she claims Brown “looked at [Rihanna] and said, “You just did the stupidest thing ever! Now I’m really going to kill you
Rihanna told cops that Brown unleashed a second wave of punches, “during which time [Rihanna] interlocked her fingers behind her head and brought her elbows forward to protect her face.” He continued to punch her on her left arm, which caused a contusion on her left tricep.

At that point Rihanna tried texting her assistant. Brown threw the phone out of the car, stopped the vehicle and Rihanna then tried opening her door to get out, but Brown sped off and the door shut with Rihanna inside.

Brown placed Rihanna in a headlock while he drove, then bit her on her left ear. The car eventually stopped and Rihanna took the keys out of the ignition, and Brown began to punch her again in the face and arms. He placed her in a headlock and started applying pressure to her carotid artery. She couldn’t breathe and began to lose consciousness. She tried freeing herself, and Brown bit her left ring and middle fingers and then released her.

Rihanna took off her shoe and tried breaking the passenger window, and he continued to punch her.

Eventually, Brown got out of the car. Rihanna opened the door and continued screaming. Brown began punching her again. He got back in the car and screamed “Where are my f***ing keys?” He got out, looked for the keys in vain, and when he could not find them removed several CDs and walked away.

Officers were called and observed numerous contusions and abrasions to Rihanna’s face and forehead, as well as bruising on her left arm. There were other injuries as well.

Investigators determined Brown was wearing a large ring on his right hand which caused several of Rihanna’s injuries.

Source: TMZ

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rabbit Is Out Her RABBIT AZZ MIND!

This reality show hoochie must be slow or something. Check out her "Sex Chronicles 101 With Five & Jessica" video.

So you just let them send yo ass out like this? Telling the world your business about eating cooch, sucking peen, and then the b*&^h even went as far as to rub her cooch to smell it. I wish it would've knocked her ass out when she sniffed it, a dumb hooker. I just think this was really tacky and triflin of her. You can NOT want to be seen by the world THIS BADLY can you?

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Plaxico Burress Explains His Stupidity

I sure hate that so many of our men keep doing STUPID ISH! He finally sits down and explains what happened the night he shot himself in a crowded night club!

I think charges should be brought against the club also, cuz I believe that they knew he had it. I'm just glad that he didn't hurt anyone else because they really would've been ready to lock that ass down.

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Weezy Sends A Positive Message

Tell em Wayne. I appreciate when our rappers (who a lot of our kids look up to) tell them to do more than say uhhhh "f**k every girl in the world." Weezy tells the kids in this clip to stay in school and get an education! Contrary to what some might think, I've heard that Weezy was a pretty good student. Good deal Wayne, now mention this in your next song and I'll love you even more ;-).

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R.I.P. Aaliyah!

8 years ago today I remember my best friend running into the room waking me up to tell me that Aaliyah was in a fatal plane crash. I honestly didn't think she knew what she was talking about but when I turned on MTV I saw that it was true. She was only 22 years old when she left us. Aaliyah was such a talented young lady and I loved watching her dance more than anything.

I just wanted to post a couple of videos in remembrance of her

My ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG EVER (not just by Aaliyah, but PERIOD) is One In A Million! Check the video.

Click MORE DISH for more videos from the FABULOUSLY TALENTED Aaliyah!

LOVED this one here!

This is one of my fave videos from her! She was such a itty bitty chic, but always looked so cute in her clothes. She could mos def dance her azz off, I would have loved to see her and CiCi in a dance battle. I think CiCi would've taken her but it would have been one hell of a battle!

This was the very last video that she shot. She was headed home from shooting this video when her plane crashed shortly after take off.

I cry every time I hear this song. The video is simply beautiful, my heart goes out to her family and fans. RIP Aaliyah.

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The Game Might Return!!

I know we all LOVE CW's sitcom The Game, but just like with all our other shows it was canceled. However, BET is thinking about bringing the show back for another season. According to news sources "BET began preliminary talks with producer CBS Studios about possibly taking in the series with new originals. The cable network already runs repeats of both "Game" and "Girfriends." The options on the "Game" actors have lapsed, so if a deal is reached with BET, CBS Studios would have to make new pacts with them. BET's only previous stab at launching an original scripted series was the 2008 comedy "Somebodies," which ran for one season."

I sure hope they can pull it off, lets all keep our fingers crossed. I just watched the finale episode again last night and would LOVE to see how Mel and Derwin's marriage goes.

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Micheal Jackson's Death Rulled A HOMICIDE!

Yesterday M.J.'s death was ruled as a homicide. It has been determined that lethal levels of powerful anaesthetic propofol killed the legendary star! Per MSBC the propofol acted with at least two other sedatives. I just don't understand how Dr. Murray could constantly give him medication on top of medication. I think charges should most definitely be brought against him for pulling this B.S.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Celeb Photos

Some of my FAVORITE actresses hit up the Merge Summit in Los Angeles. Check out some pics below.

Regina King (LOVES her character/voice in The Boondocks)

Tasha Smith

Wendy Raquel Robinson

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Tiny & Kandi

Check out this interview of Tiny and Kandi with Rolling Out Tonight!

I like these two. They seem to be so real and down to earth. They both country as HELL but thats what you get with the down south chics LOL. I would have loved to see them come to blows, I bet that was a sight to see. Niether of them look like they going LOL. Glad they are grown enough to let that ish go and remain friends! Like I said before, they are always very supportive of each others work.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

University of Memphis Lost Afterall

The NCAA has decided to throw out ALL of The University of Memphis 2007-2008 basketball season, all because of ONE PLAYER! The school has been under investigation for a while but they finally made their decision today. I for one am mad as hell that Derrick Rose HELPED us to win, yet SOLELY caused us to still lose 38 games last season. The NCAA found that Rose paid somebody else to take his SAT in order to start college. I do however wanna know WHY none of this came up until AFTER we (U.O.M. is my Alma mater) went all the way to the Championships?! SAT officials conducted their own investigation and found that Rose's test did NOT COUNT in May of 2008 ! So, WHY IN THE HELL DID U.O.M. allow him to keep playing? Not only that, the school paid for Rose's brother to attend away games, which would total about $1,713.85. Ain't THAT some ole bullshit! This is probably why Calipari got on down the way he did, a slick mofo! I tell you what, if I were still a student I would need them to credit me about $1.713.85, cuz I know they damn sho raised the tuition last year (as they do EVERY YEAR). I don't know much about sports rules and ish so I'm wondering if this will cause any problems with Rose's NBA status. Hmmm, I guess we'll see.


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New Music Videos

Jigga's video for "Run This Town" has finally come out.

That damn RiRi is just too fly for words!

Jamie Foxx's "Digital Girl Remix" Ft. Drake, The Dream & Kanye

I think I spot ANTM's Jade as one of the digital girls.

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"The September Issue" Premiere In NY

Celebs hit up "The September Issue" premiere and after party at NYC's Museum of Modern Art. Diddy is photoed here with his secret lover (but it really ain't a secret) Cassie and Zac Posen. Check out some more pics .

Cassie looked extra cute in her all black

Chanel Iman's shoes were the bizness

Check MORE DISH for more pics

Aww she was booed up with her lil (emphasis on lil) boyfriend.. Aren't they cute?!

Jessica White A.K.A. "You Can Google Me" was there with a large amount of deodorant applied

Ashford & Simpson pictured w/ Leon Talley (they are just way too much)

Designer Vera Wang

Somebody should've told Donna Karen this was a PREMIERE & not just a regular night at the movies

I cant even front, Cassie is working that scalped azz head LOL

Mr. MTV Reality himself..

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