Monday, November 30, 2009

Nivea In Labor?!

The blog world was going crazy a couple weeks ago saying that Nivea had given birth to she and Wayne's baby boy. Well, Ms. Cita just tweeted "At the hospital waiting for my new grandchild to come to the world." Unless Weezy has snuck another baby Carter in on us, this would mean that Nivea is in labor and about to pop, LITERALLY! I hope she has a safe delivery, congrats!

BTW, I was over at and saw this first pic of Wayne's first born son (by Sarah). Lauren sure is keeping her little guy away from the public isn't she? Cant say I blame her.

Awwww.. so glad that the kids are being brought up with one another. I hope Kim Porter will see this and take note. Last I heard, the twins still hadn't met their sister Chance. Stop with this ish Kim!!

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The Intro Of The OMG Girlz - Happy Birthday Reginae

Reginae A.K.A. "Baby Carter" of the OMG Girlz celebrated her 11th birthday this past weekend. It was a cute little pajama themed party and she got one of the cutest yorkies ever as a bday gift (next to my Zoey of course LOL). Anywho, she and the other girls of OMG posted their first video to Youtube and I thought I'd share it along with a couple of pics from her bday party.

The bday girl ready for her party!

Reginae, her mom, dad and Tiny

What a pretty cake!!

Cute shirt for mommy!

I actually took the time to check out the OMG Girlz MySpace and Youtube videos and I even listened to their song "Aint Nobody Thinking Bout You" all the way through. Its really kinda cute and age appropriate. Y'all know I've always questioned who dressed the group LOL, but after looking at the videos and pics I can actually dig it. They seem to be really sweet and fun lil girls and that look does fit them. Check out the videos for yourself under MORE DISH.

This one is my fave LOL. They look like they are having fun, that Star is ready aint she? LOL. I love to see Reginae dance, me and my girls call that dance she does "The Reginae" and yes, we do it in the club LMAO.. Check em out on their MySpace at

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Beyonce "I Am Yours"

I missed it on Thanksgiving so I'm posting this for me too LOL! Enjoy! I have watched the first couple minutes and I have to say that this girl is the truth! PERIOD!

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Toya Carter Finds "Mr. Wright"

Sooooooo.. everybody has been at me about who the mysterious "Sexi Face" is. Well, Toya kinda told y'all so I'll just confirm it. She just tweeted "I think I found Mr. Wright", and I think she has too! Mr. Wright is non other than Memphitz of BET's "The Deal" and Hitz Committee Records. The two have been spotted around the ATL and I happen to think they are a pretty hot couple. They have been friends for a while and they decided to take it further. I can totally understand why they chose to keep their relationship under wraps, its hard enough being a celebrity let alone a celebrity couple. I hope the media, haters and groupies (male and female) will not cause any unnecessary BS in their relationship! Plus, I got word from an EXTREMELY reliable source that Memphitz is quite smittened with Ms. Toya! You can tell from some of her tweets that their feelings are mutual. Good luck you two!!

Here is a video I found a few weeks back with a picture of the happy couple at her birthday bash! It's at the 6:00 mark!

And WHERE did y'all hear this first?!! LOL

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rihanna Interview With Angie Martinez

I like her when she's not playing victim. She seems like shes a cool person, I thought it was funny when she explained the whole rumored lesbian relationship between her and her BFF.

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50 Cent Settles With Taco Bell

I didn't know about 50 Cent even suing Taco Bell for an issue from 2008, but the two have finally come to a settlement on the case. In June of 2008 Taco Bell offered 50 $10,000 to change his name to 79 Cent, 89 Cent or 99 Cent for one day. That was a lame way of them promoting their menu and I'm glad 50 didn't consider it LOL. But he ended up suing them for "making him the star of a nationwide campaign without his permission." I guess all this money he's getting from other ish helps him not feel bad about his recent album "Before I Self Destruct" selling the least amount out of all his albums. It's only sold like 160,000 copies. That sucks, but I'm really not surprised. Hell, are you?

Source: EURweb and MTV

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Whiter Is Better?!

See.. this is the problem! How in the hell can somebody okay a commercial like this? Whiter is better? You'z a lie devil! This is just something else to try to convince our people to hate themselves and what GOD made them. This ish sounds retarded and it cant be healthy. I love my brown skin and wouldnt change it for the world, so you can keep your damn cancer cream! Besides, black dont crack boo!!

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Alicia Keys & Rihanna Hit The Stage

Alicia Keys hit up the "Today" show and performed and RiRi stopped through "Good Morning America". Y'all know they told that fool Adam Lambert that he couldnt come on their show with that BS! LMAO! Anywho, check out some pics from the performances.

This shot of her hair was so funny to me LOL

Check MORE DISH for more pics and RiRi's performance

Oh yea, check out what she wants for Christmas!!

Sounds like a plan to me RiRi!! ;-)

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fantasia Flodging To Honey Magazine

Now I always say that I do not feel that celebrities owe us their lives. Just because they decided to make their living by entertaining the public, that doesn't mean they have to give us every detail of whats happening with them. With that said, one thing I cant stand is for a mf to just BOLD FACE LIE about some ish. Celebrity or not! Honey Magazine interviewed my girl Fantasia and of course they asked her about this extremely talked about tattoo she showed a lil while back. Supposedly she is seeing a married man and that's where the "Cook" tat came from. Check out what she had to say about the mystery man!

Yes, [the rumors] were all really cute to me. I guess it was something about a guy from T-Mobile? Inaccurate. He was hot, but I think I’m looking for my own man. There’s no boo in my life, I’m married to my career. Right now I’m not really focused on a boyfriend; we all know what happens when you get them… I have no tattoo on my shoulder, [that rumor] was very well put together! I wear my body out more purposefully now and when I’m walking I see people checking, “Like does she have a tattoo there?” As a matter of fact, I’ve never even [met him] before. I think I’d want to be with a guy who’s in the same tax bracket as I am … or higher!

Fanny, Fanny, Fanny!!! STOP THAT ISH! I wish you would've just never spoke on it cuz you sound a DAMN FOOL! I cant say ish about what she's doing because we all do wrong, but come on now. This sounds like a lie! So I want her to tell us what "Cook" means? Don't worry, I'll wait........

Check the link for the full interview

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Kandi's Grand Opening of Tags

Kandi had the Grand Opening of her new boutique, Tags! I had the chance to visit while I was in ATL and it was really nice. A lot smaller than I expected but like I said, nice! The customer service was great and the clothes were reasonably priced. Even though it was small, she had a lot of nice things. I tried on that sliver(ish) skirt to the right of her but uhhhh.. this back side wasn't working well with it LOL. Anywho, check out some of the pics from the opening.

Rasheeda, Somebody and Diamond


Lisa, Kandi and Kim

Last time I checked I couldn't find the website but when I made my purchase there was one on the bag so maybe they have it going now. Check em out at

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Nicki Minaj "Right On" Magazine Shoot

I cant wait to see these images. Y'all know this chic is hella animated and I'm sure she rocked it. That lil doggie was soooooooooo cute!!

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I got a good WTF laugh off this so I thought I'd share!

I dont know why folks stay doing ish like this. It usally ends badly LMAO.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

K.Michelle Radio Interview

If you guys have been sleeping on the new artist with Hitz Committe, K. Michelle you best WAKE UP! She did a radio interview in New York and she recorded it for her fans. Keep ya eyes open because she's set to do an interview with Diva Dish soon. She gave me the chance to hear her album "Pain Medicine" and I'll tell ya now she has some bangers on that mf. Check out her interview.

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AMA Show & Performances

Straight KILLED her performance!

F**K us, why? You were the one thrusting your peen at everybody on the stage LMAO

Lady GaGa is on those GOOD DRUGS!!


Jenny.. po thang just HIT the floor LMAO.. She recovered well tho!

I swear if I was his wife, I would NAIR this mofo's head in his sleep!


Kelly Clarkson is looking too damn old

Mary looking hot during her peformance

This ish looks worse when she moves LOL

Nelly Fertado.. loves her


Timbaland and those leather jogging pants were bothering me.. He SUCKED!

My girl Whitney, she aint the old Whitney but I love her still!

Will-I-Am... IDK what this was LOL

Check MORE DISH for performance videos

Jennifer Lopez

Thats jacked up that she fell like that at the 3 minute mark LMAO! I just kept gong back to see it again ROFL! She caught that ish quick tho. I like this song for some reason, really I just like the hook! Those shoes were HOT!!

Rihanna- I missed her performance last night, but everybody on Twitter was talking about how horrible she did LOL. Let's see!

Ummm what exactly did y'all expect? She sounds like she normally does LOL.


I really enjoyed her taking us through some of her songs. IDK about y'all but I was jamming off her performance. One question.. WHEN is this chic gonna start looking and moving like a 43 year old woman LOL? Janet is STILL the ish!


When I first heard this song I wondered how she would do performing it live. Well, I think she did a really good job. This whole slow wind dance of hers is funny to me, IDK why LOL. Alicia is such a talented and pretty girl.


Im sick of this man shutting ish down like this LMAO. He is just TOO DAMN COOL! How do you do damn near a WHOLE performance with one hand in your pocket and still kill it? So glad Lil Mama wasnt there this go round! LMAO

I'll be posting more soon!

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American Music Awards

Sooo, as I was about to post pics from the AMA red carpet and performances, I found some more pics. Apparently, they offered celebs the opportunity to have a mini photo shoot prior to the show. They slick look like some club pics LOL, but I thought it was kinda neat so I wanted to share.

RiRi... this bandage getup is strange much!!

Keri is such a pretty girl.. BUT, I hate this hair! It makes her head look big as F**K!


Snoop Dog, looking like somebody Uncle LOL

And this damn tatt.. WTF is that about? I hope its not real!

The Black Eyed Peas

Fergie's dress is cute in a dominatrix kinda way

Jenny is finally starting to look her age.. still hot tho!

I LOVE me some Kate Hudson, this chic is hilarious

I seriously believe something is wrong with Adam's azz.. SERIOUSLY LOL

Check MORE DISH for pics from the red carpet

Alicia looked hot on the carpet and during her performance (which she killed)

Neyo and I guess this is his boo


Yes, this is Reba McEntire! I love her show and she looked good w/ her old azz!

I wasn't really feeling Mary's red carpet look (her performance dress was rocking tho)

The sides of her hair just didn't do it for me, the front is cute, the sides.. not so much!

Snoop and his wife Shante... Shante could've done much better than this!

Toni Braxton and one of her boys

Melanie Thorton stays at an event. I like the dress but personally, I would've done different shoes

Carrie Underwood... I'm digging the dress

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