Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beyonce' Visits "The View".. Says She's "Always Been A Jay Z Groupie"

I've heard lots of people say that they are "tired" of Beyonce', but I want MORE LOL. I am so glad she's back and doing interviews and killing the game with her live performances.  Check her out on "The View."

Check MORE DISH to see her perform "1+1" and "The Best Thing I Never Had."

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Mary J. Blige: Behind The Music

So if you didn't know, I LOVE MARY J. BLIGE!! Her "What's the 411"? album was the business and her albums are STILL banging. I can be having the WORST day ever, if Mary's "Just Fine" comes on, I immediately start smiling and singing. I missed her episode of "Behind The Music" but I've been looking for it since. Check it out below.

Check MORE DISH for parts 2 and 3

I just love Mary's realness and her style!!!  I am so glad that she found her happy.  Now she can write and sing about the good and the bad.

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"The Mo'Nique Show" Canceled

According to the AJC, Monique's talk show has been canceled after it's second season.  Honestly, this wasn't a show I would rush to the TV to see, but I hate that it's gone.  I wonder what the problem was because she seemed to have good ratings.  When I did actually catch the show, I always enjoyed it.  She had great guests too.  What do you think about the cancellation, were you a fan of the show?  I wonder what Mo's next move will be.  Another reality show maybe?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Toya: A Family Affair Finale... Memphitz & Toya's Wedding (Video)

Last night my family got together to watch the wedding ceremony of Mickey "Memphitz" Wright and Antonia "Toya" Carter (now Mrs. Wright) for the second time (you can read my blog on the wedding here).  We had such a great time watching Mick finally say "I do" to his "Mrs. Wright."  If you missed it, check it out below.

Awwwwwwww, that was beautiful.  This was my favorite episode of the season.  Toya looked beautiful (her skin is AMAZING) and Mickey is oh so handsome.  They make a wonderful couple and we're waiting on them to add a member to our family soon.  No, I'm not saying she's expecting, just saying we're waiting LOL.

BET should have given them an hour for the finale.  There was so much more from that night that could have been shown.  One part I was GLAD they didn't show was me catching that bouquet.  I would have been TOO shame, LOL.  I watch the show every week, but last night offered an extra incentive.  I got a chance to see myself and a lot of my family on the tizubbbbbe LOL.  Again, congrats to the newlyweds and many blessings!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is Tami Roman Of "Basketball Wives" A Bully? Last Nights Episode, In Case You Missed It!

So, I'm sure by now everybody has heard that Meeka  Claxton is suing Tami for attacking her. We finally got to see the attack on last nights episode of Basketball Wives.  Check the episode below.

Well, if that wasn't some of the messiest BS I've ever seen from a group of grown women I will pay you, SMH.  In my opinion, all of these women (with the exception of Evelyn and Jen) are messy.  First off, let's talk about this lawsuit.  If I were Meeka, I'd probably sue her azz too.  Simply because Tami got in that cheap shot, Meeka wasn't even looking in her direction.  It would have been different if they had just had a run in, but no, earlier Tami was asking Meeka to get in pictures, then this.  Since Tami just FELT like smushing her in the face like that, I don't blame her for just FEELING like suing her azz.  Now, each of these grown women (again, except for Jen and Evelyn, but I'll still talk about them) did some super whack ish in this episode.  Check MORE DISH for that run down.

Let's just start with Tami... number one, she is TOO DAMN GROWN to be fighting like she does. Don't get me wrong, I don't care how old a person is, if they are being attacked, then they have every right to defend themselves. But that has not been the case with any of Tami's altercations. Have y'all realized that she has attacked almost half the cast, LOL. I will be honest and say she is extremely comical and even real (as she loves to point out), but she is!

Meeka... I just wish she would learn to SHUT UP! She runs her mouth too much and is so anxious to be accepted that she is coming off as fake. Just be you and keep your comments to yourself, or hell, tell your REAL friends. Why would she go telling Suzie's raggedy azz ANYTHING?

Suzie... I'm not even sure if I wanna call her messy. I think SLOW would be the best word for her. She too needs to learn how to keep her mouth CLOSED. Why would she go back to Evelyn and Tami telling them what Meeka said? She should have learned her lesson about running off at the mouth last season, SMH.

Shaunie.. whewwww, she is a slick one. She tries to act like she's the peace maker when she's really slick messy as hell too. WHY would she go reading that letter from Meeka to everybody? I could have sworn it said "Dear Shaunie."

Evelyn... folks can say what they want about her, but honestly I think she is the realist cast member on the show. She seems like a really good friend and she's gonna give it to you straight! I like the fact that she went to Jen about the interview and let her know how she felt. I love a friend that will come to me about any issue they might have so we can work it out.

Jen... I felt SO bad for her last night. She was really upset about their argument and I honestly don't think she did it to hurt Evelyn. She made a mistake, we're human and we all make them. She and Evelyn's friendship seems genuine and these two don't give me the "messy" vibe.

For the record, I don't think Tami just whooped Meeka like I've heard/read people say. Tami got the first lick in and that was about it. Meeka got knocked so far back that by the time Tami did try to get to her Meeka had those lil legs locked and all in her stomach. She had Tami's head and was holding on for dear life, LMAO! Okay, that's all I have to say about the show. What do you think about Tami attacking Meeka? How would you have handled it.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Behind The Scenes Of Kanye & Jay Z's "Watch The Throne" Documentary

Check out this footage from Jay Z and Kanye's documentary for their "Watch the Throne" album. These two look like they enjoyed their time together in the studio. Bey makes an appearance in the documentary and sounds like she'll be a part of the album as well.

I love when artists let us in to see how they create these albums. Just from that 10 minutes, I can see that they put their everything into this collabo. I am super excited about hearing this record. I absolutely LOVED their first single "Otis." Can't wait to see what else they'll bring us from with "Watch the Throne". It's gonna be HOT!! Are you anxious to hear it?  Do you think it'll live up to all the hype?

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tia & Tamera Reality Show Promo Video

Awww, I can't wait to watch this. Being a twin is both exciting and annoying (at times) LOL. I think it'll be funny seeing their interaction, especially while they are both going through big life changes. Make sure to check them out on the Style Network on August 8th.

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Beyonce' Talks To "Access Hollywood" About Babies,Prom & Playing A Bride In Newest Video

I've always loved the fact that we have YET to see any pictures from her real wedding. I'm still trying to picture it in my head, LOL.

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Todrick Hall's Target Flash Mob

I'm not sure if you've heard of Todrick Hall, if not, I think you'll hear about him in the future. This is one talented young man. He was a contestant on American Idol, but I first saw him on the news when he was trying to land a spot on the hit show Glee.  Todrick sings, dances, acts and writes.  Check him out in this Flash Mob performance in Target.  They did a great job and showed out to Beyonce's End of Time.

That was too cute... check MORE DISH to see his video for a song he wrote called "I Wanna Be On Glee."  It was a GREAT idea and I think "Glee" is the PERFECT spot for Mr. Hall.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Power 105.1 "The Breakfast Club" Has Lil Mama On Their Show.. And Makes Her Cry!!

Wowwww... Charlamagne didn't have to do her like that, SMH.  I feel so bad for her, he kept hitting her with jabs.  A joke is a joke, but DAMN!!  Let this girl get her money.  Granted, I don't like her as an artists, nor do I like her fashion style but I'm not mad about her still having her "celebrity" status and getting her money.  But anywho, quick question. Does she remind anybody else of Jim Jones' mother?

Sidenote: That JayZ/Alicia Keys moment will forever be hilarity!! LOL

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Chad Ochocinco & Evelyn Lozada On The Monique Show

Soooooooo... what do y'all think about these two? I do like them together, but I just don't know if it's really gonna work. I guess we'll see. That Chad is something else though, LOL.


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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

INSIDE Monica & Shannon Brown's Wedding

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... I love it!! Monica's dress was beautiful!! I really wish she would have rocked her always gorgeous signature short hair, but no biggie. Looks like the wedding was beautiful and I'm glad they got to share it with their family and friends. I like the fact that they had a really private ceremony a few months back and THEN did this one. It's hard for celebrities to have some sort of normality with anything that they do. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Brown, as you know, I LOVE THESE TWO TOGETHER!!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Music Video: Beyonce' "Best Thing I Never Had"

Love this song... Actually, I love the whole "4" album!!

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So... Was Matthew Knowles Stealing From Beyonce?

For those of you that thought there was something MORE to Beyonce' releasing her father as her manager, you might have been right.  TMZ is reporting that Matthew Knowles has filed legal papers claiming that Live Nation Entertainment told his first born that he "had stolen money from Beyonce' on her most recent tour or otherwise taken funds that [he] was not entitled to."  He states that Beyonce had her law firm conduct an audit to look into the matter in which they found that he had in fact stolen funds.  This is the reason that Matthew was released from managing Beyonce'. 

Of course Matthew claims all of this is a lie, he wants a judge to give him "the right to take the depositions of various people at Live Nation Entertainment, to determine how they concluded he was a thief."  He also pointed out that after he was fired, Beyonce' hired a manager who worked as a former exec at Live Nation Entertainment and has since maintained a relationship with the company.

If this is all true, that's some real live BS!!  NOT saying that he did this, but we've all heard the stories of Matthew Knowles being a wee-bit shady.  I would hate to think that he really stole this money, especially from his own child.  I'll keep you all updated.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Angela Yee Shows Off Her $70K Shoe Collection In "Pynk" Magazine

Power 105.1's Angela Yee just caused me to shed a tear or two when she spoke with Pynk Magazine about her shoe collection.  Check out a few pics of her $70,000 collection and find out who her favorite designers are.

I got chills just from seeing all the boxes, LOL!

How much is your shoe collection worth?

My whole entire collection? I could probably buy a house. I would say it’s probably worth about $70,000.

What is your most expensive shoe? Was it a gift or self-splurge?

No one ever really buys me shoes — I buy them myself. I think the most expensive pair I have are these thigh-high Louboutin boots. They were like $2,500.

Do you still get the rush that you got when you purchased your first pair of high-end shoes?

I get it more [now] than I did back then because I don’t think my taste was on point yet. When you’re younger, the stuff you like is gaudier. I’m a little more disciplined now.

What are some of your favorite shoe designers?

Of course, everyone likes Louboutin. I like Camilla Skovgaard. I also like YSL. I like Brian Atwood sometimes. I love Miu Miu shoes.

Whewwww honey.. I ain't mad at her!! If you have the money to do it, why not.  There are a lot worse things she could be besides a shoe addict!!


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T.I. & Tiny Wedding Pictures Released

The wedding photographer (Ray Santana) from Tiny and Tip's wedding finally released pictures and posted them on their site.  Check out a few of the images below.

Check MORE DISH for more pics

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bow Wow Confirms He's A Father.. CONGRATS!!

For months there have been rumors that rapper Bow Wow fathered a child, but these rumors hadn't been confirmed until now.  On his website, Bow Wow posted a letter to his fans announcing that he is indeed the father of a beautiful little girl, Shai Moss (pictured above with her daddy).  Check the letter below.
Let me start off by saying i love my fans. With out yall i wudda been left the game. For the past 3 years i been batteling life. Even thought about taking my own. I felt like as a kid i did everything and saw everything too fast which spoiled my adult years. I felt as if i had no purpose to live(Thinking selfishly) until god gave me the illest gift of my life. No lambo, no blk card nuffn ammounts to my lil girl. I waited so long to tell yall the truth because i was nervous on how yall would look at me. Yall know everyone makes a big deal out of everything i do. I wanted to be 1st n let yall know the real. My lil girl is getting BIG fast. i love every minute of it. She inspires me to go harder.Even made me treat my mother better, its like it made me into a man over night. Never been a fan of posting pix of my daughter. Reason is because i want my boo boo to have everything i didnt. Want her to be able to cheerlead with her lil friends with out some asshole sticking his camera all in my lil girl face. I know how fame is. I missed out on so much that i now know how important it is to cherish and have those things in your life. Yes! I change diapers. Aint as bad as i thought hahaha. I want her to live with me so bad. Jus us 2. Thats my dream man but fellas yall know how it go. Baby gotta stay with they momma and all dat bull. I hate that! So i have to fly 5 hrs away to see her. I find myself going into my i phone book jus lookn at pix of her. Sometimes i tear up cuz i just cant believe it brotha be emotional. All in all im good. This is my 1st. I know all my fans gone support me and ride for her like yall been doin my whole career. To the ones that say “Im heart broken how can he do that to us” well i do have a life thats not all about movies or making albums. Im 24 now. I cant wait 4eva. Im happy and if your a fan then ud be happy too cuz yall gone be with me every step of the way. The bs that comes with having a baby momma is expected. So i neva trip. Jus gotta suck it up keep chin high and try not let her get the best of my feelings by playin them stupid games. Ima stay positive and keep maintaining long as i got yall i cant lose. I love yall. And shai shai daddy love u too! Wizzle!!!!

Speaking of the baby's momma, you may remember her from being around town with Bow Wow last year sometime.  Miss Joie has modeled for Black Men Magazine in the past.  Looks like the two were in some type of relationship, I'm sure he doesn't just take random chicks out on the town with him.  Oh well, CONGRATS, she's a cutie pie.  I'm sure she'll be spoiled rotten.

She looks a LOT like her daddy..

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Casey Anthony Verdict... NOT GUILTY!!!

So because this case and the verdict have me SUPER HEATED, I won't say much. The only thing I will say is that this is some BULLSH*T, there is no other way to put it. Poor little Caylee Anthony did not receive justice! This is the reason that these slut monkeys are quick to kill their babies. Casey killed her child, kicked it around town for 31 days, went to jail for a few years and now will get out, get rich from book deals and live her life the way she wanted... WITHOUT CAYLEE!! This jury was WITH THE SH*T!!

I wonder where she'll go since she threw her ENTIRE FAMILY UNDER THE BUS!! I still can not believe this, SMH.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Missy Elliott "Behind The Music"

I've always liked Missy's style, she does her own thing regardless of what society and the media had to say. That was SUPER DUPER WHACK of them to leave her out of Raven Symone's video like that, SMH. Anywho, I'm glad she pulled through those health issues.

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Beyonce' On "Good Morning America"

It's Bey' season and she's making her rounds.  Check her out on "Good Morning America."

Check MORE DISH to see her perform songs from the "4" album...

This is SOOOOOOO my favorite song right now!!

So glad she's back!!

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Beyonce': "Year Of 4"

In case you missed Beyonce's mini documentary "Yeaf of 4" that aired yesterday you can check it out below.

LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD IT.  Folks can say WHATEVER about this one here, but she is like the female Michael Jackson.  The girl is flat out COLD!! Did anybody else get to cheesing when they showed her interaction with the hubby at the 19:00 mark? Awwww, pure cuteness!! Anyway, have you copped your album yet? If not, you are most DEF missing out!!

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