Friday, October 28, 2011

Usher Gets Snatched About A Parking Spot

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TMZ always has the good ish, LOL. They posted this video of Usher being jacked up by a woman in Atlanta over a handicapped parking spot, LMAO. While attending a Halloween party in ATL, Usher swooped into a handicapped spot and this chick spazzed out. She even jacked him up in the process.
SO many things were hilarious about this video.  Between her jacking him up, hearing him say "do not put your hands on me" and seeing all the characters running about, I was TOO tickled LOL.

SIDE NOTE: I was talking to my friend the other week about the excess amount of handicapped parking spots at certain stores, AND the fact that they are almost always empty.  Yes, it is quite annoying but I never park in the spots. Usher won't be pulling that move again anytime soon, LOL.

Haaaaaaaa, she was HEATED!! LMAO

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