Thursday, June 21, 2012

Evelyn Lozada Takes It Up The Azz...And Eats It Too!!

Okay, this was my first time every watching Kandi's online show called Kandi Koated Nights and I'll most def  be checking it out again.

At the beginning of the show she had two HIV positive women speaking about their lives, what it means to be HIV positive and how to protect yourself.  During the second half of the show she spoke with Mama D from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives.  They got down and raunchy about sex, what they do behind closed doors and why women have to work extra hard to keep their men.

Mama D seemed right at home talking about her days as a pimp and shooting a trick about her paper...and Evelyn talked about tossing salads (not Chad's tho, it's not his thing) and more.  Take a look at the video below, it's 2 hours long but very informative AND entertaining.

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