Friday, June 22, 2012

Memphitz Responds To Abuse Allegations, Calls Her Pinnochio... Check Her Out BEFORE Her Deal

It's crazy how a woman can yell "abuse" and a man and his character can be torn to pieces.  I've been reading comments since Monday night when LHHA aired on Vh1.  K.Michelle accused someone she previously dated of beating her and spending all the money from her album budget on himself.  She didn't say any names in the episode, but she's previously spoken very openly about it being Memphitz. Well, when the show aired Memphitz was in Paris celebrating his one year anniversary with his wife Toya.  Once he returned, he responded to the allegations and negative comments he's received.  Check out the response he posted via Instagram.

Hmpph, if that wasn't comical I'll pay ya LMAO. I won't go into how I know she's lying again, but if you wanna check it out read here and here.  But uh, check MORE DISH to see Pinocchio K.Michelle before her record deal below.

Well we all can see that he clearly didn't lie about the new teeth, titts and azz. Sorry, but I think I need a close up 0_o.

That clearly took a LOT of the budget to fix LMAO.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Lmao....this Stace

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