Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Premiere Recap

Last night Vh1 aired the premiere episode of Love and  Hip Hop Atlanta and to sum it all up..... it was TERRIBLE, but I will be watching LOL. Between the clearly scripted scenes, blatant lies, terrible dialect and fake lumpy azzes, it was too much to take in.  I had several tweets and FB messages asking me to address the K.Michelle story line. I almost always do recaps of new shows so I'll not only address her story line, but all of them.  Of course this will be lengthy but hey, it's a recap.

Since I've always been a fan of Rasheeda, I was really looking forward to seeing her on the show.  Unfortunately, we only got to see her in one scene on this episode and she didn't really say too much.  Can't wait to see what she adds to the show.

Mimi Faust... the girlfriend, or maybe I should say the mother of Stevie J.'s child is probably going to work my nerves and give me several witty snap backs at the same damn time.  I like her because she seems to be a cool chick and she works my nerves because I can't stand to see a woman allow the type of BS she allowed to go down. Granted, I understand that as women we all might deal with a situation similar to hers.  But it looks at though he's extremely comfortable with treating her like trash, therefore I get the feelings he does it on a regular. There is no way I would have allowed that SCRIPTED club scene to go down the way it did.  She's a pretty girl and while I understand that Stevie is her provider, nothing is worth the embarrassment that she experienced in that episode.  SMH, hope she gets it together.

Erica Dixon, the girlfriend of Lil Scrappy.  The two have a child together and rekindled their relationship after Scrappy and Atlanta rapper Diamond ended their relationship.  While I would like to see them work it out and have a cute lil family, I don't think that's gonna happen.  In actuality, Scrappy is only with her by default.  If Diamond had not left him for Soulja Boy, he would probably still be with her. But, I can't be mad at Erica for accepting him back into her life because she's obviously a chick that loves HARD.  I'm anxious to see this incident she had with Stevie J. play out.

 Joseline Hernandez A.K.A fake azz #1, whewwwwwwwww child!! I almost don't even want to talk about her because I'm convinced she's currently getting two checks.... one from Love and Hip Hop and one from the State cuz she is clearly a lil off. Between her outright disrespect for the rules of being a side h*e, her terrible wardrobe and her horrific voice, I'm almost completely over her.  It's OBVIOUS that she and Stevie J. are getting it in.  When she threw her drink on him and ordered him to "act like you know", it was confirmed.  My thing is this, we know there are women out here that don't mind, hell sometimes welcome being the other woman.  If that's your thing, whatever, but KNOW YOUR DAMN ROLE!!! She takes the level of disrespect up ten thousand notches. For her to sit in Mimi's face and order Stevie to do things was just out of order. But hey, if Stevie and Mimi allowed it, why not.  I'm not usually one to attack a woman in a love triangle (unless they attack me first), but this chick would have got hands laid on her.  This will most def be the best story line of the show.

Check MORE DISH for the rest of the recap

Karlie Redd A.K.A. fake azz #2 is an aspiring actress, model,  Hip Hop artist and the girlfriend of Antonio Reid.  She is trying to work with Stevie J. to jump start her music career. She showed off some of her acting skills in the club scene when she rolled off the clearly scripted tale of Joseline and Stevie to Mimi.  Honestly, she didn't give much to go on in this episode.  I don't really have much to say, lets see what she has to offer throughout the season.

Mama Dee, my favorite of the show thus far.  I can already see that she is gonna give me life throughout this season. Scrappy pegged her right when he said she's "TTG, trained to go" LOL.  So far we've learned that she is an ex pimp/drug dealer, she hates Diamond and her stanky poon  and she does NOT play about her sons.  From what I can see, she might play a lil too close in Scrappy's relationship but Erica seems to know how to handle her.

Ariane is a friend of Mimi's and she is so ubber pretty to me.  Her hair is laid like the Mona Lisa and her skin is like sunshine *Bridesmaids vioce* LOL. Anywho, we didn't see much of a story line from her other than her being the fed up friend trying to pull Mimi from a BS relationship.  I talked to someone in ATL and they said she's a bartender and is part of the who's who of Atlanta.

Last but not least, K.Michelle A.K.A. fake azz #3 is a Memphis native and R&B artist.  She talked about her struggles in the industry and getting beat by the love of her life 0_o.  She never said any names, but most of us knew who she was speaking of.  A few years back she put out rumors that she was beaten by Memphitz and was trying to get removed from his label.  After a while I posted a blog about the situation, you can check it out here if you'd like.  Anywho, after watching the show I thought about how far in I wanted to go with addressing this madness.  I looked around on Twitter to see what people thought of the show and I saw people going hard at Memphitz for beating this chick.  So I decided I would take it as far as she did, without the lies. I'm sure that some people will think I'm lying because Memphitz (Mickey) is my first cousin.  Truth of the matter is, I love my family but the truth is the truth and I don't defend a lie no matter who tells it.  I'm not lying FOR OR ON anybody.  Plus, this blog is my business and I'm not trying to lose any of my readers to lie for somebody, okay!! Now, let's address the madness.

Number one, when K called Mick the love of her life, I was TOO tickled.  I know women are emotional, but how she turned somebody she was at the most, if anything, simply boning into the love of her life is beyond me.  No I don't know what he was telling her behind closed doors, but I do know that she was never introduced to me or our family as his woman.  When Mick started dating Toya (long before I put it out on my blog), he would call and talk to me about her and how much he liked her.  I never got that call about K. Also, K wrote a song about him called "Jump Right In" where she talks about a guy that says he isn't ready for a relationship, but she told him she was worth it and he could "jump right in."  So, a man TELLS you he doesn't want a relationship but you get on national TV and claim y'all were not only in a relationship, but he was the love of your life. Right!!

To keep it totally real with y'all, if I didn't know this BEATING that K is speaking of wasn't true I wouldn't speak on it. Domestic abuse isn't a game and if he did it, no I wouldn't blast him publicly but I  most def wouldn't be typing all this in his defense.  As I told the story before, the day of this alleged beating we had a family gathering and both Mick and K were there (again, you can read about that here). Yes I know that abused women are known for putting on fronts in the company of others, but the fact that she came over in a wife beater (no pun intended) and had NO BRUISES, literally NO BRUISES on her body is proof enough that this was a lie.  The incident she described in that episode was BRUTAL and there would be NO way she could wear a wife beater or come out at all without showing visible scars. True, there was an incident that took place that day at their hotel.  I wasn't there, but something took place because someone called the police and MPD did go to the scene.  Now, everybody knows that when the police are dispatched if ANYBODY (male or female) is visibly beaten somebody is taking a ride.  Nobody did, the only ride they took was to my sister's house for dinner.  Had she claimed this beating happened some other time in another place, I wouldn't speak on it cuz I wouldn't know.  Hell, I don't know EXACTLY what happened anyways, but I do know that what she is putting out isn't  what happened.  Now, her claims of him taking $2 million of her money spending it on himself, I can't speak on that cuz I don't know anything about it.  All I'll say is that if he did take it, I'm glad she got out of that deal. Whatever the case, everybody involved is gonna reap what they sow.  The lesson here is don't mix your money and your honey cuz things get funny.

We all know for a fact that Rihanna was beaten... Halle Berry was beaten so badly that she lost the hearing in one of her ears.  Do we see or hear either of them constantly bringing up those beatings? NO, because they were real and it hurts. While I was watching her tell this story I was trying to figure out if she was just trying to sell a story and get some attention or if she REALLY believed what she was saying.  If she is just looking for attention, that kinda sucks.  But if she believes it, she needs help because that is SO not what happened. K has been talking about this for how many years now?  Find a new song to sing honey, then maybe the next one will be a hit. Speaking of hits, that song she sang last night was HOT!! K is a super funny chick and I'm sure she'll offer us plenty entertainment throughout the season.

So, all in all, the show wasn't what I expected... the fake azzes bothered my soul, the scripted scenes annoyed me and I was ready for the next episode.  IN THAT ORDER :)!


Anonymous said...

Heyyyy & YESSSSSS @ The lesson here is don't mix your money and your honey cuz things get funny. LOL :-) Good recap! Things looking a lil ratchet in the ATL....

Saunders Antoneice said...

girl first you never heard of her, then she attended a family event. which one is it?? ita obvious who the "liar" is

Dawn Diva said...

@ Saunders Antoneice... is it really obvious? You seem to be a smidge confused,you should read the post again. Where did I say I never heard of her? Try again and read SLOWLY, maybe that'll help you out :).

tierra said...

but thats the thing her situation is just like tina turner she hid the bruises with make up and body make up and nevered filed a police report or bought up the alligations of abuse until the divorce and nobody never knew her situation because she hid it very well. if she is lying on your cousin why wont he sue her for defamation and emotional damages for ruining his reputation. instead of saying i didnt hit her he went to twitter and said i brought your fake ass,teeth, and tits i made u but he never denied it sounds like toya is doing all the talking for him. plus she had to have some type of proof of abuse because she owed the company 2 mill dollars i dont care how crazy u r your gonna pay me back. your cousin is guilty and yall are only apeaking on one situation maybe he didnt hit her that time but the next time she pushed him far enough. and yall fan call her ratchet crazy or what ever that still dont give a man the right to put his hand on a woman. i believe her because i to was in a abusive relationship for years but nobody knew thank god for make up.

Donald Aikens said...

Dang it, I shoulda read this before I sent you that email. Lololol. So late.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tierra 100%... I know first hand what you're talking about. Nothing more needs to be said, but can we get an answer to why he isn't suing her for defamation instead of boasting about how he made her?

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