Monday, April 25, 2011

Royce Reed Owes Dwight Howard Half A Million Dollars!! WTH?!

Last year Dwight Howard won a lawsuit against Royce Reed (his baby's mother) for half a million dollars.  The judgement came after Royce violated a court order that prohibited her from speaking about him to the media.  Dwight is now trying to collect his $551,606.74 from Royce (or probably just trying to piss her off).  Yes, he's included interest in the total, SMH!! Dwight is trying to collect all of her assets in California to make up for what she owes.  I'm not sure what she has but, I'm almost positive he won't get that half a milly from Little Miss Royce.  I guess that leg touching her head move she bragged about on the last reunion didn't do much for her.  These two here can't seem to stand one another, DAMN!!! LOL


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