Friday, April 1, 2011

Straight From The A Interviews Toya Carter... Confirms Engagement!

Ms. Toya Carter has been making her rounds to promote her new show "Toya: A Family Affair", her new book "Priceless Inspirations" and everything else she has in the works.  This morning I heard her on the Steve Harvey Morning Show.  When I got online I found an interview that she did with Straight From The A.  The ladies looked like they were having mad fun during the interview as Toya confirmed some things that the public has been wondering about.  Check out the interview below!

That was super cute!! So now it's out, yes Toya and Memphitz are indeed engaged! On Steve Harvey's Show she referred to Mickey as her fiance and said that she "really, really loved him."  I'm really happy for the both of them.  Besides love, Toya has found several other things to occupy her time.  I'll be checking out the book, most def checking out the show and I'm waiting for Garb Boutique to get an online store so I can check that out as well (she said it's coming soon).  I've seen some of the pieces from the store and they're pretty hot. Much respect to Ms. Antonia, she is definitely making moves and you can't do anything but respect that.

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