Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So... Was Matthew Knowles Stealing From Beyonce?

For those of you that thought there was something MORE to Beyonce' releasing her father as her manager, you might have been right.  TMZ is reporting that Matthew Knowles has filed legal papers claiming that Live Nation Entertainment told his first born that he "had stolen money from Beyonce' on her most recent tour or otherwise taken funds that [he] was not entitled to."  He states that Beyonce had her law firm conduct an audit to look into the matter in which they found that he had in fact stolen funds.  This is the reason that Matthew was released from managing Beyonce'. 

Of course Matthew claims all of this is a lie, he wants a judge to give him "the right to take the depositions of various people at Live Nation Entertainment, to determine how they concluded he was a thief."  He also pointed out that after he was fired, Beyonce' hired a manager who worked as a former exec at Live Nation Entertainment and has since maintained a relationship with the company.

If this is all true, that's some real live BS!!  NOT saying that he did this, but we've all heard the stories of Matthew Knowles being a wee-bit shady.  I would hate to think that he really stole this money, especially from his own child.  I'll keep you all updated.

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