Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is Tami Roman Of "Basketball Wives" A Bully? Last Nights Episode, In Case You Missed It!

So, I'm sure by now everybody has heard that Meeka  Claxton is suing Tami for attacking her. We finally got to see the attack on last nights episode of Basketball Wives.  Check the episode below.

Well, if that wasn't some of the messiest BS I've ever seen from a group of grown women I will pay you, SMH.  In my opinion, all of these women (with the exception of Evelyn and Jen) are messy.  First off, let's talk about this lawsuit.  If I were Meeka, I'd probably sue her azz too.  Simply because Tami got in that cheap shot, Meeka wasn't even looking in her direction.  It would have been different if they had just had a run in, but no, earlier Tami was asking Meeka to get in pictures, then this.  Since Tami just FELT like smushing her in the face like that, I don't blame her for just FEELING like suing her azz.  Now, each of these grown women (again, except for Jen and Evelyn, but I'll still talk about them) did some super whack ish in this episode.  Check MORE DISH for that run down.

Let's just start with Tami... number one, she is TOO DAMN GROWN to be fighting like she does. Don't get me wrong, I don't care how old a person is, if they are being attacked, then they have every right to defend themselves. But that has not been the case with any of Tami's altercations. Have y'all realized that she has attacked almost half the cast, LOL. I will be honest and say she is extremely comical and even real (as she loves to point out), but she is MESSY.com!

Meeka... I just wish she would learn to SHUT UP! She runs her mouth too much and is so anxious to be accepted that she is coming off as fake. Just be you and keep your comments to yourself, or hell, tell your REAL friends. Why would she go telling Suzie's raggedy azz ANYTHING?

Suzie... I'm not even sure if I wanna call her messy. I think SLOW would be the best word for her. She too needs to learn how to keep her mouth CLOSED. Why would she go back to Evelyn and Tami telling them what Meeka said? She should have learned her lesson about running off at the mouth last season, SMH.

Shaunie.. whewwww, she is a slick one. She tries to act like she's the peace maker when she's really slick messy as hell too. WHY would she go reading that letter from Meeka to everybody? I could have sworn it said "Dear Shaunie."

Evelyn... folks can say what they want about her, but honestly I think she is the realist cast member on the show. She seems like a really good friend and she's gonna give it to you straight! I like the fact that she went to Jen about the interview and let her know how she felt. I love a friend that will come to me about any issue they might have so we can work it out.

Jen... I felt SO bad for her last night. She was really upset about their argument and I honestly don't think she did it to hurt Evelyn. She made a mistake, we're human and we all make them. She and Evelyn's friendship seems genuine and these two don't give me the "messy" vibe.

For the record, I don't think Tami just whooped Meeka like I've heard/read people say. Tami got the first lick in and that was about it. Meeka got knocked so far back that by the time Tami did try to get to her Meeka had those lil legs locked and all in her stomach. She had Tami's head and was holding on for dear life, LMAO! Okay, that's all I have to say about the show. What do you think about Tami attacking Meeka? How would you have handled it.


Dedria said...

I think everybody but Eve and Jen are messy. They act like High Schoolers. Whewww honey. Meeka needs to beat Suzie's ugly azz down for running her mouth. She then needs to phuck Tami up OFF CAMERA and then she needs to take a class on HOW TO STFU!!


THey are all messy, but to be honest, the only one I can truly Tolerate is Tammy. She reminds me of a couple of twins that I love dearly. Not her hoodrated-ness (as it is indeed a disease that she has a full blown case of), but the fact taht she lets you know, in NO uncertain terms how she feels. And she will go to bat for you if she fux with you and with knock you out if you fux with her. Jen is a puppet, Evelyn is a bucket of the worst kind (the ones that dont know they're buckets and think its something wrong with everyone else, Suzie is a little Deet-da-deet, Royce needs a stylist IMMEDIATELY, and Shaunie looks like a Rhodes scholar next to the rest of them. Thats all I got.

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