Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Swizz Beatz Cheating With A Chick Called Karma?

Well the chick's name isn't really Karma, but it might as well be. Yesterday Bossip posted a story claiming that Swizz is cheating with a singer/song writer (yea, I'm sure) by the name of Chris Elizabeth (pictured below). They provided screen shots of BBM's exhanged between Swizz and Chris in which he tells her he wants to "f*ck the sh*t" out of her and more. Check out a lil of their covo.


Chris, Swizz
Swizz: Kissseesssss
Chris: Yo!
Swizz: U good send me pic
Chris: Miss u
Chris: ‎IMG-20110808-00824.jpg ‪(44.70 KB)‬
Swizz: That’s old
Chris: Oh oops. Hold on
Chris: Dunno the last one I sent u
Chris: ‎IMG-20110802-00769.jpg ‪(33.48 KB)‬
Swizz: Send me the. Now pic
Chris: I gotta do it when I get home. I know u wanna see “skin”
Swizz: K
Swizz: Gnite hit u tomm
Swizz: :p
Swizz: Hello
Chris: Hello.
Swizz: In vegas cmon
Chris: Sigh.. (n)
Swizz: Haaa why (n)
Chris: Never been to vegas but I heard it was party city. Crazy!
Swizz: So why (n)
Swizz: I’m here till thurs
Chris: U aint talkin bout it!
Swizz: Huh?
Chris: That’s slang for “you’re not going make it happen.” Come on!!! Where’s ur hip side old man?
Swizz: That’s that houston sh*t:) just come I got u!
Chris: I’m always confused on how this works. What do I need to do?
Chris: Call me
Chris: U must have company
Swizz: Ok here’s what my plan is. Becaaaaause I’m not a baller and I got bills and sh*t… Ima buy a one way ticket and we’ll handle it when I get there. Yes? No? Maybe?
Chris: K
Chris: Now I gotta call off work. Gimme some time. I’d b comin tomorrow.
Swizz: Hitu when I get up
Chris: Up?
Swizz: Yes
Chris: K I’m havin trouble gettin shifts covered. Is tuesday a possibility as well?
Swizz: Yes:)
Chris: K I’ll let u know what happens.
Swizz: K
Chris: Its a no go, thank you for the invite. ;;) have fun
Chris: I’m off Thurs-Sat if your available
Swizz: :(:(:(:(:(
Chris: ‎Northeast-20110821-00979.jpg ‪(27.47 KB)‬
Chris: Cheer up buddy
Chris: :*
Swizz: ({})
Chris: What r u doin?
Swizz: HAving a blasttttt your missing out
Chris: U suck!
Chris: Don’t tease me. Why can’t u get away this weekend!? I’m off
Swizz: Vma
Chris: Ahh. Well maybe God is tellin us somethin. O:)
Chris: Night. Have fun.
Swizz: :’(
Chris: Lol.
Chris: Well sh*t. Our schedules never freakin match!
Chris: ‎download.jpg ‪(13.73 KB)‬
Chris: Lookin good? Lookin great? Lol
Swizz: This make no f**king send I want to f**k the shit of you asap make it happen wow!
Swizz: This pic is crazy sorry but sh*t
Chris: Lmao. Whoa Tiger! Haahah
Swizz: That pic is for what?
Chris: Nothin. Just to have.
Swizz: That’s my fav pic of u:)

Whewwwww honey, that's that BS!! Christina posted on Twitter that she lost her phone and that's how the messages were released.  So, is she saying that the story is true and that these messages did come from Alicia's husband? If these messages were from him, I totally wouldn't be shocked.  I always say that we don't know EXACTLY what happened with this situation so I try not to judge them.  However, we do know it was some sh*t in the game somewhere.  He wasn't 100 with Mashonda and looks like he might not be with Alicia either. Check over at Bossip to see the rest of Chris and Swizz's convo, SMH.

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Anonymous said...

I despise a woman who runs off at the mouth, because you are no better than the married man your cheating with in my book. So don't think what your doing is a good look for you either cause she knew he was married both times, not once but twice SMDH....and as the old saying goes KARMA for Alicia if this is true. Cause Swizz could be anybody in a text msg. I’m just saying because I wasn’t there…..and like my mommy said believe nothing that you didn’t see.

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