Friday, February 10, 2012

Sherry Shepard "I Had A Lot Of Abortions".. Uhhh, WTH?

Sherry Shepard got emotional on The View when speaking about a new law in Texas requiring abortion providers to show women an ultra sound of the fetus before going through with the procedure. At the beginning of the discussion she just listened, she then chimed in and mentioned that she's had "a LOT of abortions."  Check the video below.

Number one, let me say that I am TOTALLY against this law.  It's basically forcing you to look at a child that you have already decided you don't want, or maybe you do want but aren't in a position to keep.  That's pretty cruel and unfair.  While I am Pro-Choice, I will never understand how a person sits up and has multiple abortions.  And surely not a LOT of them o_0.  I know that accidents happen, but there is no reason for a woman to get pregnant several times with a child that they don't intend to have. Abortion should not be used as a means of birth control...they have all kinds of things to prevent pregnancy these days, USE THEM!!

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Girlfriend said...

I'm disturbed by someone who says, "I had a lot of abortions". As long as I can remember and I'm much older than Sherri, there has been access to birth control. As a child/teen who grew up on welfare, birth control be it the pill or condoms were readily and freely available or very cheap for those not on welfare. So someone who has "a lot" of abortions has either been totally isolated from education on how you get and prevent pregnancy (I don't buy it), ignorant of resource availability (again I don't buy it because after one or two abortions the clinic would have at least given them a box of condoms) or using abortion as a form of birth control. (likely) What I also find very interesting is the same people when they want the baby behave as though it's a living being the moment they find out they're pregnant. In contrast, when they don't want to have the baby (for reasons other than incest or rape) they rationalize that it's just a blob of tissue. I don't get it.

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