Friday, February 17, 2012

Aretha Franklin Speaks On Whitney Houston's Passing

Whitney's "Aunt Ree", Aretha Franklin spoke to TODAY about Whitney's death.  Take a look at the interview below.

Since Whitney's death, I've watched several of her interviews and performances.  It really hurt me to look at some of the recent videos, and it's no secret that "the voice" wasn't what it used to be.  While speaking to TODAY, Aretha stated that she knew it hurt Whitney that she couldn't sing what (how) she wanted to and was used to.  I know it had to have hurt her, because like I said... it hurt my feelings just watching it.  There have been people making horrible comments about this legendary woman and it honestly ticks me off. One of the last songs she was heard singing was "Yes Jesus Loves Me", and it was obvious that she loved him too.  So, who are we to judge?  I've seen several posts about all the greats being in heaven ready to greet Whitney at the gate.  If that's the case,  I know they are all up there JAMMING.. and Whitney not only has "the voice" back, but she's hitting notes she didn't even know she could.

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