Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whitney Houston's Friend/Alleged Lesbian Lover Writes A Letter About Their Relationship

I've been watching old interviews of Whitney and was reminded of those lesbian rumors surrounding her back in the day.  Before she got with Bobby, Whitney's close friend Robyn Crawford served as her assistant.  Just like they claim Rihanna's assistant is her lesbian lover these days, they made the same claims about Whitney back then.  Robyn has never really spoken about her relationship with Whitney, until now.  Check out an excerpt from her letter below.

She was nothing like the Whitney Houston she became but at the same time she was already there. She knew, and so did everyone around her. She was doing shows in Manhattan with her mother, and she'd change her clothes in the car and get on stage and do her thing. She hadn't signed her contract yet. But she was modeling for Wilhelmina because she was discovered on the street. She was walking in front of Carnegie Hall and someone walked up to her and said, "There's a modeling agency upstairs that's looking for someone just like you." She walked upstairs and they signed her. That's what it was like, that's what she gave off. She looked like an angel. When my mother first met her, she laughed and said, "You look like an angel, but I know you're not." And she wasn't. But she looked like one.

I don't think it was anything going on between them, but if it was, SO WHAT.   Anywho, read the full letter here.

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