Tuesday, August 9, 2011

7 White Teens Set Out To Kill "A Ni**er".. Video Shows Brutal Murder Of James Craig Anderson

I know we live in an evil azz world, but the fact that something like THIS is still going on in 2011 leaves me almost speechless. Take a look at this video of 7 white teens beating and killing 49 year old James Craig Anderson, for simply being African American.

That video was horrible. How could someone actually do that to? And to think this was in Jackson, MS. I've been there several times to visit friends of mine. I want to know why the other 5 teens haven't been charged. ALL of their azzes need to be locked up for life. They ran over this man like he was NOTHING. This world needs prayer and more prayer. My sister shakes her head at me when I often say "I'm ready for Jesus to come back", but this world is getting more and more evil by the day. I'm afraid of where it's headed.  My prayers are with the family of Mr. Anderson.  I'll most def be keeping an eye on this case.

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