Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Single Ladies Season Finale Episode

This ENTIRE SEASON of "Single Ladies" has been the business. This is one of the best scripted shows in a while. I was cooking last night so I missed the beginning of  the episode but thankfully, Yardie posted it and we can all catch up.  Check it out below.

OMG, I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE this show.  The story line is always something that I can see happening in real life.  That Keshia is the realist fictional character ever.  I loved when she told the Feds "I've known him since I met him", LMAO.  That poor Val can't get things right to save her life.  I know one thing, Jerry wouldn't have gotten up and walked off if it were me. I woulda hit him with something like "he drugged me, how did we get here" LOL.  This was most def a GREAT ending to a WONDERFUL first season.  Twitter is talking and they say that Stacey Dash isn't returning for the second season and that they are trying to find someone to replace her.  I want to see the same cast return and see how this all plays out.  Wheww, I'm patiently waiting for next season.  What do y'all think is up with that dang Malcolm?  What do you think of season 1 and will you be watching next season?

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