Monday, August 1, 2011

Fantasia Announces Pregnancy!

Recently, there has been speculation that singer Fantasia Barrino was pregnant with Antwuan Cook's child.  If you watched her show or even pay attention to celebrity entertainment, you'll know that Antwuan is the married man that she'd been seeing, leading to a lot of drama and ultimately Fantasia's attempt at suicide.  Well, there is no need to speculate about a pregnancy any longer.  In Jacksonvill, Fl., Fantasia announced  that she is in fact expecting a child.  Check MORE DISH for the video.

Now y'all know I LOVE me some Fanny, but I sure hate to hear this.  Well, let me shut up.  We don't even know who the child's father is.  I really hate to assume things, especially when it's dealing with celebrities and their private lives.  BUT, IF this child does turn out to be Antwuan's, I'll be shacking my head at the WHOLE situation.  Again, we don't know the full story about that, but it just sounds like it would be added drama to her life.  Anywho, CONGRATS!!



Dedria said...

Im sure its Antwan's cause she woulda have given us that speech before hand. You only HIDE stuff when you feel like you're in the wrong. I love her music, but this one here aint got the sense GOD gave a rock!!

The Riley Method said...

You KNOW it is his. God bless them all. That situation is a mess. Maybe they really did find true love in one another. I guess.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think she hid it because she felt she was wrong, because in her eyes she see nothing wrong. She loves this man dirty boxers and don't give a dam what anybody has to say. I wish her the best, because it has only just begun. Cause I can see this Negro in the future going for custody and collecting a check.

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