Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jennifer Williams Talks To "The Breakfast Club" About Eric Tossing The Drink

Maybe I'm wrong, but every time I see (or think about) that drink smacking Jenn across the face I start giggling LOL.  Jenn called into Power 105 this morning and spoke with "The Breakfast Club" about the incident.  Check it out below.

True it was wrong of him to throw that drink at her, especially as forcefully as he did. BUT, you have to admit it was comical. She was wrong as well, don't do things expecting people NOT to react.  He threw that drink hard as HELL.  Between those colored contacts and that drink, she could barely see LOL. We all know that reality TV is super edited, which makes me wonder WHAT actually happened for their meeting to go down hill the way it did.  I mean it was all good when he walked in.  He went from "hey my lady" and kissing her on the cheek, to basically "bish I'll drown you" LMAO.  Well anywho, it was a great finale.  I loved the scenes from Jenn's party.  That's how I like to see chicks kick it, having fun and not being catty.  I'm waiting for the reunion.  What are your thoughts on this season?


Anonymous said...

I like to watch their dramatic asses. They are a mess.

Anonymous said...

They remind me of Bad Girls Club all grown up. They need to stop it! It's like there is no real story line or purpose, just DRAMA, after DRAMA, after DRAMA. I didn't even give them any ratings. I only watched certain episodes online. Now Toya's show had meaning and a purpose. I watched every episode. We need more shows like hers. She was positive, and showed true struggles of a young black woman with real family issues.

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