Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jim Jones Proposed To Chrissy On Love & Hip Hop

Last night on Love & Hip Hop Chrissy finally got the proposal and the ring she's been waiting on.  Well, I'm not sure if that was actually the proposal she had in mind but it was still beautiful.  Check the video below in case you missed it (or just wanna keep watching it like me, LOL).

Okay... so the social networking sites were going crazy with people commenting on the way Jimmy popped the question.  Lots of people didn't like the fact that he didn't get down on one knee.  Everyone has their own opinion and I can totally understand where those people were coming from.  HOWEVER, all relationships and people are different. To me, Jimmy never appeared to be the drop to one knee type of guy (plus I think he was a little nervous).  Hell, did you see how he rolled up on her and asked her to come out?  Wheww, that was just so sexy to me LOL. But the fact that he proposed to her, rather he got on one knee was enough for Chrissy. TRUE, it would have been even better had he gotten on one knee, but it wasn't a deal breaker (like I saw someone say on Twitter). Some people get so caught up on other people's idea of what's right. Whatever works for them, works for them.  They BOTH looked extremely happy and it is more than clear that Jimmy LOVESSSSSSSSSSS him some Chrissy!! THAT'S what matters most, not if he got down on one knee. 

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