Monday, January 2, 2012

CONGRATS!!! Lebron James & Savannah Brinson ENGAGED!!!

I've always loved these two together and I'm super excited for them to become husband and wife.  Lebron James proposed to his longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson just moments after bringing in 2012.  

Lebron James on his engagement

My girl, she’s really excited. She would love to answer more questions about it than me. But she’s happy, my family’s happy and that’s what it’s all about. . . It should be a surprise. For any woman, any time something like that happens, she was surprised.

It was great that all the friends and family were there to bring in a new year. Even my kids were happy about it, so that’s good. … I feel good. I feel good. It’s a good point in my life right now.

Awwwww... I've always spoken about how much I like them as a couple.  Last year at a gathering I got slick attacked because some of the ladies seemed to have a problem  with Lebron not asking Savannah to be his wife, only his girlfriend/ "baby mama." Wellllllllll, now they won't have anything else to say about this FABULOUS COUPLE :).  Congrats again!!

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