Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Womb Donor Abandons Children

A 26 year old mother womb donor took her two young daughters to a street corner and abandoned them with nothing but the clothes on their backs and diapers in hand.  The 3 and 5 year old girls were found walking alone around 3 p.m.

Domini told a New York Daily News photographer: “Mommy just left us on the sidewalk and drove away.”

A Good Samaritan found her and her sister stranded on a bustling corner in Canarsie. The two girls were found bundled up in hooded down coats, wearing UGG boots and holding fresh disposable diapers just before 3 p.m. in front of the Bay View Houses on Shore Parkway, cops said.

“We don’t know their identities yet,” a police source said. “They gave us their first names and said their mom dropped them off.”

“We live in a blue house with flowers in front,” Domini told The News, as cops took custody of her and her sister.

Domini told cops her mother’s name was Dalisha and she was driving a white car, but couldn’t i.d. the make or model of the vehicle.

Shortly after abandoning the girls, the mother posted a pic of a man holding a champagne bottle to her FB page.

So, she abandoned her babies to go lay up with a dude?  I get so sick of hearing these stories!! If our justice system actually starting handing out REAL PUNISHMENTS, maybe these sick mofos would at least drop the babies off somewhere safe.  I don't understand the problem, if you don't want children, birth control is readily available. SMH!! Anywho, I'm glad the babies were found okay.  I really wish that heffa's brakes had gone out when she pulled off!!


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Anonymous said...

It's freakin amazing how you put a d*ck before your own flesh & blood! Thank God someone found them & not the wrong person who would've raped or killed them..For the "donor" hope they rape you with a broom, in jail since sex was important to you then your babies. Hell you properly got your tax $ & treating him to it....I normally would say pray for her but if we always forgiving them they would think its right to do this all the time.

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