Monday, January 30, 2012

New Reality Show? "Mistresses Of Atlanta"

Ok, it's official... Reality TV has taken over!! We've now gone from "housewife" reality shows to "mistress" shows.  There may be a new show called "Mistresses of Atlanta" (produced by Memphitz and Do Work Entertainment) coming to your TV screens soon. The show consists of Maliah Michel, Sarah Oliver, Rosee Divine, Stringz, M'Jae and a guy by the Twitter name SoleHeir. 

In all honesty, when I first saw the name of the show, I immediately made the stank face.  But, before saying this is something I wouldn't watch... I had to call and get details, and BOY WERE THEY JUICY!! The show is still in the beginning stages but from some of the things I've heard, it's off to hilariously drama filled start. I did appreciate the fact that not ALL cast members are what we would consider "mistresses", some are models and a few are aspiring rappers.  The juiciest part of the show is no doubt the SoleHeir guy.  As a proud homosexual, SoleHeir loves the men... he even loves some of the men we women swoon over!! In fact, he's done more than swoon over some of them. That in itself is enough for me to watch!! How about you?

And don't be mad about the title... Hoes gotta eat too! !:)

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