Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chris Brown Hits 106 & Park....Apologizes For "GMA" Outburst

Chris Brown stopped by 106 & Park to promote his new album "F.A.M.E." While there he apologized for his outburts at "Good Morning America", check it out below.

I'm glad he explained himself. Although it doesn't change what he did, at least people can better understand how he felt. Talk show host Wendy Williams mentioned how upset she was with his actions. Check out what she had to say under MORE DISH.

Y'all know I LOVE me some Wendy, but I can't say that I fully agree with her. I totally feel that the media does the most at times. That incident is not something that they should try and force him to relive every time he's interviewed. Even if they DO ask about the incident, they do not have to CONSTANTLY bring it up in the interview. Robin KEPT taking the conversation back to the incident, SMH. It's old and the media should let it go, PERIOD! I wish Rihanna would just go kiss him in the mouth so they'll STHU, LOL (I kid, I kid).

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Anonymous said...

Ok.....I somewhat agree with Wendy..he could have handled it better, BUT, this happened 2 years ago...and what 21 year old knows how to handle rage? I mean come on...we all know all the anger and rage we had at 21, some more than others, rofl but it was there! You cannot expect him to not be angry at someone trying to exploit him, but he can learn how to handle it better.
And yes Diva....Rhianna needs to kiss him in the mouth and take some pressure off him!! :)

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