Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Five Heartbeats TWENTY Years Later!

Just the other day I was sitting at the car wash when someone put "The Five Heartbeats" DVD on. I had to apologize to the customers for singing EVERY SONG so loudly.  Yes, I know EVERY song, my sister and I even sang one of them at our 6th grade graduation, LMBO. I absolutely LOVE this movie and even though today marks it's 20th anniversary, it NEVER GETS OLD!!! Global Grind interviewed some of the cast members to get their thoughts on the movie and how it has changed their lives.  While reading the interview, I had to laugh at myself because for the past 20 years I thought that Micheal Wright's character's name was Eddie Kane, Jr.  I'm sure most of you thought the same, but nope his character's name was Eddie King, Jr. LOL. Anywho, check out the full interview here.

Oh and he's STILL Eddie KANE, Jr. ;)

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Stanesha said...

Yesterday was the 14th anniversary of B.A.P.S. Robert Townsend needs to put out more films!

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