Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beyonce' Performs New Song "1+1" On American Idol

Beyonce visited American Idol for the second time this season to perform at the finale.  Check her performance of her new song called 1+1.

THIS is why Beyonce' can NOT be touched.  Simply standing in a beautiful gown without all the extra going on behind her, she is STILL a powerhouse.  She blew the hell out of that song!! She just made me want to go out and find me a PLUS 1.

Check out the 1+1 album version. I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEE it! Sounds like something from Prince, like it could have been on the Purple Rain soundtrack.

Beyonce also joined this season's female finalists as they performed a medley of her songs. Check MORE DISH for that performance.

Cuteness (once Bey came out)!! And in case you're wondering, Scotty McCreery was this year's winner.  Congrats Scotty!

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