Thursday, May 3, 2012

Junior Seau Dies At 43

NFL legend Junior Seau was found dead yesterday in his home at the age of 43.  When police responded to a 911 call and entered his Oceanside, CA home they found Seau's body with a gunshot wound to the chest.  Police suspect suicide and this possibly isn't the first time he's attempted to take his own life. In 2010 Seau denied claims that he tried to commit suicide when his car left a cliff after being arrested for allegedly attacking his girlfriend. Seau explained the accident saying he fell asleep at the wheel of the car.

The fact that he shot himself in the chest raises suspicion amongst the NFL world.  Previously an ex NFL player shot himself in the chest and left a note saying he wanted to preserve his brain for study.  Both were involved in an ongoing lawsuit with the NFL claiming they did not properly warn them of future medical problems related to concussions.

He leaves an ex-wife and 4 children, all of which he sent text messages to the day before he passed and simply said "I love you."  They all responded but nobody thought anything strange.  Whatever the case, this is a sad situation.

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