Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tami Roman Wants YOU To Stop Bullying HER...

Ok, it's official... Tami Roman of Basketball Wives is missing a few screws!! Although I liked Tami the first two seasons, I always felt that she was a little bit extra.  I honestly didn't consider her to be MESSY until this season where she has absolutely shown her lipo'd azz. After this week's episode of Basketball Wives I was totally disappointed in her and could not understand HOW she thought it was okay to behave the way she did.  Seeing Tami deliberately taunt Kesha sent a lot of people off and they went in on Tami via Twitter and Facebook.  Check out what Tami had to say to Sister 2 Sister Magazine about how SHE is being bullied by the world.
“Waking up to negativity on Twitter, negativity on Facebook, negativity on blogs, it’s emotionally and mentally draining, and things people say because they think they know you for watching you one hour of the week, it can weigh on your psyche,” 
 “You don’t have to follow me on Twitter. You really don’t. You don’t have to like me on Facebook. You don’t have to do any of that. If you disagree with how I handle something or the way a moment went down, you can say that and you don’t have to call me a b!tc#. You don’t have to call me a lowlife. You don’t have to call me a hood rat. You don’t have to call me out my name to get your point across,”
Girl, BOO!!  You can't go around treating people any kind of way, jacking them for their purses and expect others not to have ill feelings towards you for it.  Read the full interview here.

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