Monday, August 13, 2012

Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) Arrested For Domestic Abuse Against Evelyn Lozada

You know what.. this is just way too much, way too soon!! These two were JUST married on July 4th and they are already laying hands on one another, SMDH. Saturday night Chad Johnson was arrested for assaulting his new bride Evelyn Lozada. Reports are that while riding in the car Evelyn found a receipt for condoms and that of course led to an altercation (there are conflicting reports on rather Chad or Evelyn bought the condoms). Chad supposedly head-butted Evelyn during the argument and she fled to a neighbors house to call the police.  When the police arrived they saw a 3 inch laceration on her forehead and transported her to the hospital.  She was released later that night.

Chad was taken into custody and advised police that Evelyn was the one that head-butted him.  He was released on bail the next morning.  Because of the incident, he was also released from the Miami Dolphin football team.

I won't say much about this right now since neither of them have spoken on it.  However, I feel terrible for them, especially Evelyn.  I know this is super embarrassing for her.  I was really hoping the best for their relationship.  I wonder what this will mean for their reality show "Ev and Ocho" due to air in September.  I'll keep you all updated on any new details that become available.

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