Friday, August 3, 2012

Gabrielle Douglas & The Fab 5 Win GOLD At The 2012 Olympics... So WHY Are Y'all Talking About HAIR?

Sixteen year old Gabrielle Douglas and her Fab Five team were a joy to watch at the 2012 London Olympics.  Gabby is the very first African American to win an Olympic All Around title.  To put it short and simple, the girl is nothing short of amazing at what she does.  In the midst of all the excitement, instead of focusing on this young lady's story and her commitment to something she loves....people are focusing on something as simple as her HAIR!! Seriously, her HAIR?

I'm not going to type a long post about how ignorant that is because honestly, I don't care to give it that much attention.  However, I will say that it's super sad that after all this young lady has done, her hair is what people choose to focus on. I totally get it though, some people HAVE to find something to gripe about, especially when they have nothing going on for themselves.  I'm positive that Gabby wasn't worried about sitting in a salon chair for hours to look gorgeous for the world.  Instead she was perfecting that balance beam routine and those absolutely brilliant lands. Find something else to talk about people cuz this convo is beyond shameful. SMDH

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