Monday, August 6, 2012

Steve Harvey Breaks Down During Last Stand Up Comedy Show

Steve Harvey is retiring from stand up comedy after 27 years in the business.  I read "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" and in it, he speaks on his struggles while becoming the success he is today.  From his words in the book and his amazing stage presence, it is clear that he LOVES the world of comedy. Check out his Thank You to his fans during his final stand up show below.

I'm sorry, but in addition to feeling his love, I also laughed LOL. That lip got extra long while he was crying KMSL. Seriously tho, I'm not clowning, I can totally understand the tears. Leaving something that you so obviously love after 27 years has to be a bitter sweet moment.

If you never got to see him do his stand up act, you most def missed out.  I still remember how wonderful he was when he came to Memphis with the "Kings of Comedy" tour.  HILARIOUS!!! Don't worry tho, you can still get your dose of Steve on "Family Feud", his nationally syndicated radio show " The Steve Harvey Morning Show" and his upcoming TV show "Steve Harvey."

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