Monday, August 13, 2012

K.Michelle's "Stop Violence Against Women" Campaign PSA Video

Okay... domestic abuse is not funny, but THIS fool here just made me laugh.  I mean one of those burst out hollin' laughs LMAO!! I couldn't help but wonder if this is the kind of beating she is accusing Memphitz of.

I'm sorry, but she ruined the freaking video and the message for me.  Simply because I know she is a liar and she's using something as serious as domestic abuse to gain fame. I'm not saying she has never been abused, but when I see that you will lie on one individual about something this serious, I can't really trust too many of your other claims.


Anonymous said...

Yes I also had a very confused look on my face. And I too found it to be a trifle bit comedic

Anonymous said...

This lying HEFFA right here just disgust me. First off, how many times is she going to tell this admn story? She is ramming it down our throats so bad that I'm sick of it. Second, how many times is she gonna change this story and add more exaggerating parts to it to hype it up. Third, how many black men in America call the cops on themselves? I'm 33 years old and I have yet to find one. NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE IN MY LIFE! She has never denied that he had someone call the cops or said that she called the cops. This gate jumping trick right here is too aggresive to not get all up in Memphitz face, like he said, about another woman coming on his label. She wanna fight Toya and she has never done anything to her.

The wedding dress was a dead giveaway that she wanted to marry MemphITZ and is very much so obsessed with the fact that he married someone else. She is hurt because he would never commit to her. Then he left her and married another woman. I get it, because I would be hurt too but these extra exaggerated accusations have to stop. I was beat up by my sons father in front of him when he was 5 years old. Now that's bad, but I never let that be the focus of my life. You wouldn't catch me still crying about that ish 5 years later. It happened and I got over it. On the other hand, the man I met after him dumped me and married another woman. That right there hurt me to the core (mimi faust voice). It took me a long time to get over that hurt. I say that to say this. I have been on both sides of the fence. I know the love of a woman with bitter vengeance, and that is K-Michelle. I know they had an altercation because Memphitz has admitted to that. I don't think it was too the extent that she is telling us. I believe she attacked him, cuz she's from Memphis (whatever the hell that means)where they jump gates (circus clown mentality), and he faught her off to protect himself by holding her down like he said. This chick needs to get a life. This abuse thing is growing old and after the show is over all people will know about her is that "he beat my ass." Nothing more nothing less. She will be lost in translation just like Olivia, in which I love her btw.

When you use the media for popularity gain, when the ish hit the fan, and it will, she's gonna be looking stupid just like Evelyn Lozada Ochocino Johnson. Get ready B I C T H (momma dee) gotta love her anyway, And it that order, you heard me.

Delicamo is my name.

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