Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"16 And Pregnant" Cast Member Chooses Abortion

I'm sure you have heard of MTV's hit show "16 and Pregnant", it's one of the networks most controversial shows ever.  Personally... I can't stop watching it, however, I totally agree that it is ADDING glamour to a not so glamorous lifestyle (teen pregnancy and parenting).  If you're a fan, you should remember the episode with Markai Durham.  Markai gave birth to a daughter (Za'karia) and pulled an "Amber" on her boyfriend after she found out he cheated on her.  If you missed her the first go round, you can catch her on a special episode tonight titled "No Easy Decision" which airs at 11:30 p.m.  In tonight's episode she reveals that since having her daughter she found out that she was pregnant for a second time.  Instead of having the child, this time she chose to abort it.

This has to be the most RI-DAMN-DICULOUS mess ever!!! I'm not shocked  that she's preggers again because after giving birth her mother allowed the father to spend the night at the house.  WHO THE HELL DOES THAT, and why wouldn't she be screwing again if dude and his available peen are laid out in the next room?  Whew, people need to REALLY get it together. She stated that she was on birth control but didnt know that she had to go back for her shot.  That alone proves that she was not ready to be having sex, SMH.  I can't be mad at her decision cuz it's just that, HER decision.  But, if she comes back next season talkin about she took the wrong color pills on the wrong days and she's aborting another baby, I'm going in on her azz LOL. What I am a smidge upset about tho is the fact that the first show they air about abortion has to be surrounding a black chick.  I know, I know.. everything doesn't have to be about race but DAMN.  Black chicks are NOT the only ones having abortions around here, they couldn't find a Caucasian chick to share the spotlight?  I'm just saying!!!

Anyways, if you wanna read the full story on this tom-foolery check here.


Anonymous said...

Well Im glad they found others to represent for the aborters of the world. She needs to be smacked not for having an abortion, but be a damn dummy. If she was gone do that she shoulda done it the first time around.

Anonymous said...

I really don't get how people think the show makes teenage pregnancy looks glamorous. I'm a teen and one of the main resons why I watch is to make sure that I learn from these girls mistakes.

Through all of the seasons there has NEVER been a "glamorous" happy ending. The girl has to drop out, the guy leaves her, if the guy stays they have no way to pay the bills anyways because they don't have jobs and educations and I don't want to end up like that. The show scares me straight and keeps me on the right path.

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