Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Paul Wall Drops 100 Pounds

Over the past year, rapper Paul Wall has been pretty much out of the public eye.  Now that he's back, we see why, Paul has been M.I.A. and dropping off pounds.  After receiving an invitation from Vh1 to appear on their show "Celebrity Fit Club", he thought it was time for him to make a few (or 100) changes.

Check MORE DISH to see him after the weight loss and how he said he did it!

Paul explains how he lost the weight in a recent interview with "Ozone Magazine."

What kind of weight-loss surgery did you get?

The surgery I got is called gastric sleeve. There’s three kinds: gastric bypass, lap band, and the gastric sleeve. Gastric bypass is the one where you lose the most weight the quickest; it’s for people who are 400-500 pounds and have health problems that they need to fix right away. Since [the weight loss] happens so fast it leaves you with a lot of saggy skin. The lap band, which is very popular, is when they put a band around your stomach and it makes you feel like you’re full, so you don’t eat. But there’s ways to cheat with it, and with the lap band, you can always get it removed to go back to normal. [My weight] has been up and down my whole life, so I wanted to do something to permanently fix the problem. Since going back and forth on the drugs for years and taking diet pills, my metabolism was really gone. So I decided to go with the gastric sleeve, because it’s a little more serious than the lap band. They also cut out the hormones that make you hungry. So I actually don’t even get hungry anymore. The doctor talked me out of doing the lap band; he told me it’s the most popular, but it’s not as effective. With the lap band, you lose about 50% of your excess weight. I was 120 pounds overweight. I weighed 320 pounds, and I’m six feet tall. So with the lap band I still would’ve been morbidly obese. With the gastric sleeve, you typically lose 80% of your excess fat. I lost 100 pounds with it, so that’s putting me in a more healthy weight class.
 When asked if he worked out in addition to the surgery.
Nah. I’ve probably worked out twice since I had [the surgery] and that was just a light workout.


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