Thursday, December 30, 2010

When Will The Jumpoffs Learn?

Is December 30th the day of the jumpoffs or what?  This morning somebody put a chick on K97's "Jackass Wall" for sleeping with a married man, then someone posted a FB status saying that jumpoffs should "fall off the side of the earth" ROFL, then I get an email about this story.   If you're an "Real Houswives of Atlanta" fan, you probably remember the chick above.  This is NeNe's friend Diana Gowins, she helped her find an attorney in one of the episodes.  Diana knows all about finding lawyers cause she's been in a battle with the father of her two children.  Diana is a character with herself honey, SMH.

Willie Gary is the father of Diana's children and the HUSBAND of some other woman.  Willie is a VERY well paid attorney in GA., making over $1 Million a month (DAMN)!!! Willie married his high school sweet heart back in the day, but that didn't stop him from starting a relationship with Diana (who's over 20 years younger) back in 2000.  Good as Big Willie felt, he went and got Diana preggers. WITH TWINS at that, SMH.

Check MORE DISH to see how she went from getting $28,000 a month to just $5,000 a month.

I'm not gonna go through all the details here but check this out....  When the two first went to court, Diana was awarded $28,000 a MONTH in child support.  It was later reduced and Gary agreed to pay Diana $14,000 a month.  Gary was making his payments until he realized that Diana was not looking for employment, but taking trips and shopping it up all around GA.  He also found out that she stopped putting money into a college fund set up for his children.   They went back to court again and her payments were reduced to $5,000 a month.  THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HER AZZ GETS!!

She not only ruined the Gary family, but also jacked up her life and the life of her children as well. I say this not only because she saw how he was living with his real family and kept trying to get more money.  But also because she should have known better than to allow that sperm and egg to become friends.  I'm never one to judge (or try not to), so I know we all make mistakes.  However, there is no reason she should have let it get to that point,  #sitchoazzdown.  These people need to realize that there is a reason they are called "jumpoffs."  It's cause in most cases that's what the men wish they would do.  JUMP OFF something high and leave them the hell alone.  Maybe 2011 will bring some sense to some of these folks, SMH.

Oh... and I have to say that it would've served his azz just right had he been forced to pay the $28,000 a month. These men need to learn their lesson too!!

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