Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Keyshia Cole On The Monique Show & Hot 107.9

I LOVE this pic of Keyshia... anywho, yesterday I started watching some clips of Keyshia from her "The Way It Is" days. I posted the video on my FB and mentioned that I thought Keyshia received all of her blessings because she has such a huge, giving and accepting heart. Although she tried to pull her family into her world, seems to me that they enojoyed being "out there" like they were. Check out what she had to say about her family on The Monique Show last night.

I feel so bad for Keyshia, you can see the hurt that she feels about this whole situation.  Not only did she have to go through this, but she had to go through it in front of the world.  She tried, and I give her FULL credit for that.  I'm so glad that she was blessed with her own family to love and love her in return!!!

Check MORE DISH for Keyshia's performance and her interview with Hot 107.9

Her album "Calling All Hearts" is in stores TODAY!!!

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