Friday, December 17, 2010

Nick And Mariah Are Expecting TWINS!!!

Congrats!! This is not at all shocking. It's like being a celebrity automatically causes the egg to split *please not the sarcasm*. Hey, if you have the money to do it, be my guest. My mommy didn't have to pay for twins, in fact... we just popped up on her azz (she thought she was having one boy) ROFL. Anywho, I'm happy for the couple.  Reports are that Mariah was so excited about the news that she let it slip to President and First Lady Obama.  Mr. President asked if she was having twins (after seeing her big belly) and she quickly replied "YES", awwwwwww... how sweet!! Congrats again and I hope they have two beautiful and healthy little Carey-Cannon babies.

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Anonymous said...

so does this mean they are for-serious? *sarcasm*

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