Monday, October 25, 2010

Did Kim Put Reggie On Blast?

Last night's finale episode of "Keepin Up With The Kardashians" was really good.  Their family looks like they have so much fun together.  While I really enjoyed the family interaction, I also enjoyed Kim's interaction with her ex, Reggie Bush.  As I watched I wondered how Reggie would feel about her airing their conversations.  Although we didn't hear Reggie speak much, the clips still made him come off as an angry ex.  Check out the clips below.

Hmmmmmmm, I wonder what really went down between the two of them.  Reggie took to his Twitter after the show aired and subliminally tweeted that she didn't want him to tell the things he knew about her.  Although it made great T.V., I think she should have left Reggie's convos out of it.  This could just start up some unnecessary BS.


Anonymous said...

I thought that whole thing was kinda weird. Just goes to show they are people just like us.

Anonymous said...

I loved them as a couple.....wish they could make it work!

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