Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Baby For Bey & Jay

Yesterday everyone was hype about the "confirmation" of Beyonce' and Jay Z's pregnancy.  Although I reported it, I didn't really believe it.  I mean come on, Bey has been "pregnant" about a million times already LOL.  Ms. Tina, Bey's mom shut the latest pregnancy rumor down on Ellen yesterday.  Beyonce' is NOT pregnant.  It's funny how people REALLY believe things that the media says.  A friend of mine argued me DOWN yesterday that this was true because they said it on 106 & Park.  I was too tickled when she said "they usually tell the truth tho, when they said M.J. was dead it was true."   I was like "what media source would  just lie about M.J. being dead" LOL.  Anywho, yet again this baby rumor for the Carter's is just that.. A RUMOR!! Next..............

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