Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fantasia Aborted Antwuan's Baby....

As well all know, Fantasia is currently being sued by Paula Cooke for Alienation of Affection.  Well, according to Radar Online, Tasia was getting a LOT of affection from Paula's hubby.  Reports have surfaced that during her testimony,  Fantasia admitted to aborting Antwuan's baby.  She admitted that she and Antwuan were dating "on and off" for 11 months, but that she was told he was separated from his wife.  According to Cooke's lawyers, Tasia and Antwuan met at a hotel only days after they met.  The lawyers claim this was because she knew Antwuan was married.

I told y'all this was only gonna get worse before it got better, SMH. 

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