Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Music Video: 50 Tyson (YES, 50 Tyson) Ft. Nerdy Star & Monique Mody "Diddie Dance"

Y'all gone let 50 Tyson be great!!! If Antoine Dodson can come up off his bull, I'm riding with 50 Tyson!! He was getting it boy, LMAO. My fave part was the 1:16 mark LOL.  Is it me or do y'all also feel some kinda way about these chicks using his name to get themselves seen?  They gave him that little azz part and took over the rest of the song.


Anonymous said...

I hope they let 50Tyson on some BET Awards. He's a sweetheart. If those girls did do it just to get on, they wont make it. GOD dont like ugly honey.

Anonymous said...

The girl that's on the hook and had the last verse make's the song pretty cool!

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