Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tony Parker & Eva Longoria Parker Divorce Details

Yesterday news broke that Eva Longoria Parker filed for a divorce from her baller hubby, Tony Parker.  The two have been married for 3 years (together for 7) and Eva is claiming "irreconcilable differences."  In this case (and most others) the irreconcilable difference was that somebody was dipping out on the marriage.  Supposedly, not only was Tony cheating on Eva, but he was doing so with a friend of theirs.

Above is Tony and Eva with their friends Erin and Brent Barry.  Barry was a former teammate of Tony's and the couples often partied and kicked it together.  Reports have surfaced that Eva found text messages in Tony's phone from  Erin that basically tipped her off that the two were having an affair.  I'm tired of asking the "when will they learn" question.  It's obvious, they will NEVER learn. They will continue to get caught up behind something as simple as a text message.  Eva showed us that although she might play a "Desperate Housewife" she is far from it.  I can understand her getting on down behind that one.  Not only did he cheat, he cheated with their FRIEND.  It would have pulled an Elin on that azz, sorries!! I sure hate that tho, I thought they made a cute couple.

 Both Eva and Tony have tweeted that they still love one another and wish each other happiness. 

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