Monday, November 29, 2010

Lil Kim's Nicki Minaj Diss "Black Friday"

Now y'all KNOW I'm a Nicki Minaj fan but uhhhhh.... KIM BROUGHT THAT ONE, LMAO! While I love Nicki, I will never take anything away from Lil Kim.  She was the originator and that's that!! I'm still confused as to why she's mad tho.  I've heard old interviews where Nicki gave props to Kim.  I just wish these two would stop with the beef. It's comical but damn, can't we all just get along" (Rodney King voice)?

That woman said "you hot air azz bish, you shoulda been deflated" HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

SN: Kim needs not mention anything about fake body parts. #imjustsaying


MissTK said...

Ok ok ok, first off, I LUV KIM, had all albums at one point and will buy them again.. Buuuuutttt not feeling this diss like I thought I would, she def could've came harder.. Still ripped it but should've tore Nicki aka Roman a new ass hole ((LoLs.. Minaj alright too, liking her more now than before))


No Ma'am, Pam. Kim sounded like a blooming idiot on this "diss" track. And I love me some Kim. But she has become one HUGE disappointment in the midst of this "beef."

Anonymous said...

Ahh, yeah ! I'm not sure what's real on Kim anymore, so she should never ever mention body parts. It's sad that the two can't come together and put out something. And I'm with you I still can not for the life of me figure out what she so mad about. How many times does she want Nikki to give her, her props. I’m going to guess as many times as Kim shouts out Biggies name and we all know that’s on every CD she dam near put out.

Anonymous said...

No. That was awful. Remi would have came harder than that. Every song Nicki puts out, with even a hint of talking about Lil Kim, she kills it.! Point, blank. 2 lines from Nicki killed that whole song. Where they do that at?! Kim should get over not being "it" and go back to the studio. Lyrically and physically, Nicki is better hands down.

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