Thursday, January 20, 2011

Abducted Woman Returns Home After 23 Years!!!

WOW, this is a scary yet amazing story.  The above pic is Carlina White at 3 weeks old.  Right around the time that this picture was taken, Carlina's mother took her to a Harlem Hospital with a fever on April 4, 1987.  Her 16 year old mother, Joy White gave baby Carlina to a woman that claimed to be a nurse.  Around 2 hours later, Carlina disappeared from the hospital.  That was 23 years ago and Carlina was never seen again...until now!

This is Carlina White now at 23 years old.  Carlina has lived in Georgia her entire life and grew up thinking her name was Nejdra Nance.  Carlina said that she felt something was wrong because she didn't resemble anyone in her family.  She began to research online and found her baby picture on a Missing Child website.  She then went into action to find her family.  Once she located Joy (her birth mother) they contacted the police.  After having DNA testing done, it was confirmed that "Nejdra" was actually Carlina White.

It's a blessing that she found her birth parents and family!  According to Carlina, the people that raised her treated her badly.  Whoever these folks are, they need to be put UNDER the damn jail.  How could you do that to someone?  My heart goes out to the White family because I know their lives have not been easy these last 23 years.  To read more about the story click here.

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